Sunday, August 26, 2007

School is back in session

And I am actually excited! This is my LAST semester of nursing school. It is kind of hard to grasp the fact that I will actually complete something! I graduated high school but I went to two different high school. I was 2 classes away from my associates degree at CCP but transferred to Lasalle and never finished that. LAsalle will be my first real graduation. I started the nursing program in 2005 and will be graduating in 2007 as planned!

I am also very happy about my RN job offer. I will be working in the PACU (my current job) after graduation. The PACU is ideal because I completed an externship there last year and it is a rare oppurtunity for a new grad to be welcomed in such a critical care area. I will have a specialized orientation to get me where I will need to be. The best part of this offer is NO WEEKENDS, NO HOLIDAYS, and a LUNCH BREAk (nurses and students know what I mean. lol) I will have to take call, but that willonly be once every few months.....

Most importantly, a little update on Ava. she is doing wonderfully! SHe loves her parents and her mom moms. she reconizes our faces and cries for us if shes around unfamilar people. She is still being breastfed, howevwer she has had about 6oz of formula since I went back to work. Lately, she has been refusing to take formula so I dont know how that will go.

ok, i am tired of typing, peace out