Sunday, July 31, 2011

| Making Strides

Its official!!!! I registered for my first 5k and I am soooooooooooo hype! I cant wait. I competed week one of the c25k app and I am hyped for next week~!| Making Strides

c25k week one completed!

I almost didn't finish week one on time. I ended up running Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. I notice my legs don't hurt like after the first run. I look forward to next week where I think I will have to run for 90 seconds instead of 60. I know I can do it:) this c25k has done so much for me in just a week. I have had time to myself, time to think, to have a clear head, to enjoy the simple sounds of nature, to watch the sun rise and to do something I've always wanted to do!

I've also inspired a few coworkers and my sister to use the App and the list keeps growing for the breast ca 5k. I think I am just gonna run, that was my goal and I am gonna do it. Hopefully I will be able to see my friends that will walk while there. I think my sister will try to run to as she started the program and already works out.

Time will fly, I know it. October is just around the corner! Now I will have two special events in October! Can't wait:) it will be my third wedding anniversary and my first 5k, not to mention my sister is having a vow renewal in Jamaica a couple weeks after the run!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

rosemary garlic lemon thyme chicken

A mouth full but I don't what else to call it. I got the idea from a coworker, she brought in rosemary clippings from her garden and then shared how she uses it to make an amazing baked chicken. Here's what I used
-4 rosemary springs
1.5 medium sized garlic cloves
handful of lemon thyme
3 cap fulls of olive oil

I used an oven bag of course. The turkey breast was about 8lbs and its been in my freezer since the winter lol.

This was the most juicest flavorful turkey I have ever encountered. I was initially hesitant to not add any seasoning, but im glad I went with my gut. No additional seasoning necessary. My house smells wonderful like I'm some fancy chef! Lol
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C25k and Breast Ca 5k

completed day 1 last night. I must say it was cool. I am so proud I actually completed it. It was challenging but not unbearable. I used the lite program and it was fine, I didnt listen to music for a couple reasons. no music def made the run seem long, but it gave me time to just have a clear head. so often I say I need to able to just not have any thoughts running through my mind and for once I was able to do just that. I also had to do without music because it was 830pm when I was running and it was getting dark, smh. there were other runners out but not enough for me to really feel safe. I look forward to my next training day even though it wont be until thursday.

Also, I am happy to say that I am just minutes away from registering for the breast ca walk/5k in october. Im a little torn because I really want to be able to do the 5k, but so far everyone who has decided to join me wants to walk. thats cool, it will be fun to walk with the gals. But when I first got the thought to do the run, I wanted to be able to do just that, run. Anyways, I will probably walk because I want to be with those that agreed to join me. Either way, I will be supporting and great cause and doing something great for my health

Sunday, July 24, 2011

their 2 months old!

This is after my second retwist. Check out the effects, Ava changed the settings on my camera
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mud run photos!

I have video also but according to Jarred the file was to big for our computers to process? Anyways here's a few pics!

Monday, July 18, 2011

How cool am I?

Lol but on a more serious note, let's admit I am pretty cool. There's so much to discuss I'm gonna have to make this post my outline
- fell off the bandwagon with many things: prayer, meditation, sit ups/ push ups
- mud run. Yeah I did it! Not the whole thing though.... Sad I know. I mistakingly took a short cut didn't realize it until I somehow got ahead of jarred and others who were actually running. But I'm inspired nonetheless. My sister says she wants to do a regular race with me and one of my brothers agreed. I looked up the breast ca run, it's in October and I'm sure I can be prepared by then
- my hair! Just retwisted today
- uggghhhhh I drove from Brooklyn to home. Anyone who's knows me knows that I don't do long drives, bridges, or toll booths, but I had to do it yesterday and I survived!

More details to come on everything mentioned. It's 1 am and I have to be up at 6. What am I doing? Lol

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google asking for Id?

Last year I paid for additional picture storage through google. It seems as if weeks after I received a fraudulent charge. I had to cancel my credit card. Fast forward to this year, I get an email asking if I want to renew my storage. Of course I do! But.... I click the link to renew and google is asking for a form of Id! They want me to upload a pic of a current driver license or passport. Apparently this is required because they tried to charge my card and it was declined because I canceled it. So here I sit at 1 am eating a cup of noodles trying to figure out what I am gonna do. I refuse to submit id to google. Lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I thought I was too cute, lol

A new lip gloss, painted nails, and a braid out. You couldnt tell me nothing! Lol my baby locs are almost 2 months old. I have my good and bad days, mostly good :) braid outs have been my lifesaver

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And the workout/ training begins........

Lol. The mud run is this sunday 7/18 I've hardly done anything to prepare. Saturday my ace boon coon and I ventured to the park to attempt a jog/ walk session. The video footage is coming soon, lol

Ava's hair

I got this style from
I figured I'd give it a try on Ava's hair. Her hair had already been in a similar style so I thought I'd just keep up the trend. Of course the style had to be remixed to suit us, but it still came out cute. Quick, easy, cute, and Ava liked it too. I am trying to get her used to the idea that she doesn't need a head full of barrettes to look pretty. So far Its working because the other day she took all of her 3 barrettes out because she wanted to look like me :) anyways heres the style......,

Today's lunch break

It all started when I forgot my lunch that I had purposefully prepared last night for work today. Anyways, I travel to the cafeteria which I knew wouldn't go well. The options were buffalo wings, huge chicken thighs, pizza, and bogus Indian food. I was already nauseous so I just wanted to throw up. When I walked in. I cant really do meat with bones anymore because I find it gross, lol. I traveled outside to one of the many lunch trucks. I settled for a grilled chicken pita with honey mustard. While waiting for my lunch, it started pouring! I got a good laugh at everyone running for cover, lol. I made it back ti the cafe and ate my lunch with about 15 minutes to spare :) I chaotic with the fam via FaceTime and am now updating my blog. And they though I was taking 45 minutes? He'll no I need my hour! Lol

This was suppose to post Friday when I was actually at work lol

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ohhh the trials of a loc journey.......

After a " bad hair day earlier in the week, I braided my hair up, did a few flat twist and loved my hair again. I was seriously considering taking the locs out earlier this week. They were just so frizzy and not laying down right. In also did a trial retwist with aloe ver gel and it didn't work out... I was discouraged.

Fast forward to tonight, I just washed my hair then added Shea moisture curl smoothie for a braid out. My hair had been feeling really coarse and roughy. I can't tell if it's dryness because it's not itchy and the ends feel soft. Hopefully I just needed a wash and my hair will be back to it's old self again. Check out how it looks like my hair is loose!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

its all about the lighting

This is the same day just different lighting lol. I like this much better
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Definition.... where art thou?

Headed into month 2 and losing definition. I'm not sure how I feel about this lol.
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

D.I.Y'er fa life!

I think its because I don't like ppl to close to me and my parts lol. I never enjoyed the hair dresser, only have had 1 professional pedicure in my life, and I even dread getting my eyebrows arched.... even though I love the way it looks. Maybe its the cheap ass in me? Who knows! The above pic is my homemade pedicure. It came out pretty nice, only lasted for a week. The paint is chipping a lil bit but..... whatever! My next battle...... eyebrows!
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Credit cards...... Smh

Today I went shopping with my sister. Macy's was having a sale and we wanted to take advantage. To get the best of the sale you need to use your Macy's charge. No problem we both have one. I get to the register and my card is declined! My card was declined because i was close to maxing it out. The cashier offered to call costumer service because i told her i had just paid my bill. Turns out, my payment was late. My options were to pay $35 on my bill and then i could charge what i wanted. I could have done that but then i would max my card out. I could have out the clothes back but, Out of shame and being spoiled, I paid cash for my clothes. I learned a lesson my husband has been telling me about for years. I always forget to pay my credit card bills, smh. So I end paying late fees and finance charges galore. It's crazy because I always have the money to pay it but I just forget. I have reminders in my phone and everything, I just ignore them and say I will do it later. I've decided to have my credit card payments sent from my bank. This is an easier option for me. I have to set up online bill payments every month so I use the program a lot. When I log in, I will see a list of all my bills and the date I last paid it. This will work wonders for me, my biggest problem is that I need everything in one place. Problem solved, now I just need to do it, lol

Anyways, did y'all know you can pay your macys bill right at the register? The cashier suggested this to my sister. Not only did my sister get the sale price, but she paid the amount she spent in the store immediately and now she doesn't have to worry about late fees or finance charges. Believe me I took notes, lol

Lastly, I got home and out of curiosity checked online to see the prices of what I brought. I paid $80 for a dress that was online for $55 and a shirt was $40 in the store but $25 online. It's easy to guess what I did, I ordered the exact same things online and got in the car and returned the in store purchases. Oh yeah, I got free shipping too :) many lessons learned today!