Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not a baby bump

Yoga is helping me in so many ways!!!!! I am starting to love and accept myself in ways that I never thought imaginable. There was a time I could not stand the sight of my naked body, now I find it hard to stop looking. It's not because yoga made my body awesome and for rid of my fat stomach, saggy boobs, stretch marks, tiny booty or anything. It's because I am learning that all of those things are ok! I am learning to appreciate where am I am and love myself unconditionally. I have on a cami top from target in this pic. I used to wear these all the time before I had kids. I loved them, they just made me feel so girly and "sexy" but in a sweet way. I stopped wearing them because I became ashamed of my stomach and small boobs after having my kids. I don't know what made me buy those $8 shirts that I have been avoiding all these years, but I am so glad I did. I don't know where the confidence came to actually wear the cami but I have it on as we speak. I'm sure this cami will also bring back memories for my husband :)

To go off topic a little, I have been a little concerned about my weight recently. Since doing the 80/10/10 diet and increasing my yoga, I can feel and sometimes I think I can see some weight loss. This is not good for me! But when I think about it, I am only back down to my pre-kid days. I have always wore and xsmall everything. Before my kids t pants were always size 0. So it's no wonder I can't fit my clothes that I have acquired over the last few years. I'm not at an unhealthy weight, I am simply back to my baseline. As long as I don't lose my little booty I don't care about going back to being my tiny self. That is who I have always been.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today is day 4 of eating raw veagn following the 80/10/10 guidelines. For the most part, I am enjoying it but I am experiencing some struggles. My biggest issue is dinner. I cant eat these huge salads most people speak of. My belly gets full before finishing half of it. Maybe Im eating too much fruit before meals? I am also struggling with calorie counting. I'm not sure how many calories I should take in. There are many rules to follow for calculating calorie requirement. I was aiming for 1500-2000 but notice that with breakfast and lunch I take in almost 1000 calories and by dinner I'm not that hungry.

So here's what I have been eating

Breakfast- persimmon smoothie I use 5 which makes 500 calories

Lunch mango smoothie- I use 3-4 which gives around 400

Snacks are usually 2 cups of red grapes about 200 calories

Dinner is where I struggle. It's not that I don't like salad, I just get full so fast. I can eat a whole bunch of kale salad, but romaine and spinach are tough. I will usually have a mango smoothie before or during dinner or some kind of fruit snack either grapes, banana or kiwi.

I am experiencing some positives with this diet. I am saving tons of time, I get so happy when food shopping and my mood has improved a lot. I am learning to love fruit, prior to 801010 I hardly ate fruit, now I am having it daily! My belly has had a serious break, I still get bloated but don't really experience the pain I had before, I notice how much faster my food digests when compared to cooked food.

I must say that I hardly ever feel hungry since I started 801010, my meals usually keep me full for about 4 hrs, this is around the time I would eat another meal. I am also eating more. Before I would always skip lunch because "I didn't have time" lol now I have lunch everyday :) so far I am happy, but I know I have struggles to work through but I am hoping I can give this at least a full month.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I feel much better today than yesterday~ I wasn't as bloated this morning even after i ate. I had grapes for breakfast and coffee. I not sure how much grapes I ate, I just ate until I felt content. Then I had the coffee.

For lunch I was gonna have chinese. I ate it last night and didn't any problems. I instead decided to eat banana wraps instead. I had 2 large bananas wrapped in lettuce with cinnamon

I surprisingly felt content after eating that, so I am gonna avoid cooked food unless I get hungry. I plan on eating the chinese food :) So far 80/10/10 isn't too bad. I have been making small changes. Mainly I will eat fruit first and then if Im still hungry I will eat something else. Im not really measuring yet, but as I go further with this I will to ensure I ma getting enough.

Here are some pics of my belly. This first pic was taken a few days after eating girl scout thin mints. It took almost a week for my stomach to feel better.

Next pic is this morning, a week later exactly. It looks and feels much better, although it does probably show well in the pic.

Friday, January 25, 2013


I know I really shouldn't be, but I am so tired of obsessing over my belly and food. I'm still getting bloated no matter what I eat. Somedays I just give in and eat something that I know is gonna make things worse, but I just get so mad that I'm not seeing results. Research says that it can take months for the damage from gluten to go away. I can't understand why my stomach is pretty much flat in the morning and then blows up even when I eat stuff without gluten? Is it because when I eat those proteins still in my stomach get activated but the peristaltic activity or is there something else wrong? I sometimes think its not just the gluten but also the fact that my abdominal muscles are still almost nonexistent

As frustrating as this is, I refuse to give up. I look at everyday as a start over. Especially because my stomach is flat in the morning :) lol everyday I am getting better at eating more fruits and vegetables. Sometimes one or two meals of the day for me are fruits and veggies. I mention this because I purchased the 80/10/10 book. I am trying to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

Here's to another day:)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Two things

1. I think I'm really gonna get serious about a gluten free diet, maybe even raw vegan iPhone stopped working, it won't come on. Surprisingly I am not worried or upset .

...let's elaborate

I have been really ignoring my gluten sensitivity. I'm paying for that right now, my stomach has been bloated to the point of pain for almost 3 days now. I'm considering trying a raw vegan diet or at least just fruits, veggies and whatever meat I can tolerate. I'm really sick of feeling like this, but I'm also sick of focusing so much on what to eat and what not to eat. I want to have smoothies for some meal replacements, but I love to actually chew lol. I want to give this change a real chance,but it's so hard. I know it takes weeks even months to really see the symptoms of gluten intolerance disappear,but I will never get there if I keep slipping.


The second thing, my phone just stopped working it will not power on. The other day I was thinking about how I kinda just stopped watching tv. Even my young n the restless I haven't watched in months. I just not desire it anymore. I was also thinking of a way to decrease my phone use. I'm constantly on Facebook, twitter, and instagram. I check my email constantly. What better way to fix this addiction than getting rid of the phone. Normally, I would be mad and going crazy wondering how I wk.l survive without a phone or worrying how soon I could get a replacement. I'm not worried at all. It's really weird. The only thing that's gonna suck is driving. I use my phone for music during my 1 hr work commute:(

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chickpea burgers

Delicious! I used:
1 can chickpeas
Handful of snack size carrots
Red onion
2 garlic cloves
Green pepper
1 Jalepeno pepper

I blended everything together then added the egg then breadcrumbs. I also added curry powder, black pepper, old bay seasoning, and sea salt before I made the patties
Next I heated a pan with olive oil then fried each side for about 4 minutes!

Easy easy easy and soooo good! The real test will be if my family eats them. Lol I know they won't though

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gluten free update

Really more like decreasing my gluten intake. I have notice over the past month or so that my bloating is so much better. I have been avoiding gluten as much as I can. I haven't bought lunch at work in over a month :) I find that I can tolerate maybe 1 serving of gluten in a meal a day without having pain or too much bloating.

In addition to limiting gluten, I have also starting drinking lemon water in the morning and having green smithies. Now I can't afford to replace a meal with a smoothie but I just encorporate them into my diet. While my stomach is much better as far as looks an feeling, I had I have a list a few Pounds. I notice the other day my jeans and even tights were looser? I was a little annoyed by this because I'm only barely 100lbs. I guess I will have to really work on introducing more healthy sustainable options and. Not focus so much on eliminating stuff.

Here's to another week! I'm headed to the market :)

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I tied corn pasta last week and it was great! The taste wasn't bad an everyone ate it.