Friday, October 29, 2010

the lap chole that didnt make it out of the OR :(

 I usually don't post too much about my job and nursing... but i should more often.

yesterday there was a patient scheduled for an out patient procedure. this guy was going in for a lap chole (taking the gall bladder out) this is a very simple procedure. this guy was 60something but he did have a pretty risky history. He had a CABG (heart surgery) about 7 years ago and had multiple vascular surgeries.

This guy was supposed to go home, but when his surgery was over and he was extubated (breathing tube taken out) his heart rate dropped to almost nothing! CPR was started right away but only went on for about a half hour before they pronounced him.

I dont work in the OR, i am a recovery room nurse. I never met this patient or family, but heard about it because he was supposed to come to recovery and go home.

my heart goes out to his family. i cant imagine how they felt leaving the hospital without him and knowing that they would never see him again. this guy  had way more complicated risky surgeries before and this simple outpatient procedure was the one to take him out. I didnt find out why he coded and died, but our guess was a PE (blood clot in lung) or something.

I also felt bad for the care providers involved. even though im sure it wasn't anyones fault, we as humans and care providers cant help but feel that way. Codes rarely occur in the OR, so i know this was tough for all involved. the worst part of all, after this case was finished and he had been taken to the morgue, everyone had to move on to the next patient :(

Monday, October 25, 2010

Havent done much lately

with my hair that is. its still in the same twist i did last week. you can see the shrinkage if you remember my last twist post. i plan on leaving my hair like this until friday.

jarred and I finally booked our mexico trip. we are going 12/2-5. we are staying in the mexcan rivera. the hotelis the grand pallidium (or something like that). I will make a post on my packing and clothing plan. this will be my first international flight and since we arent flying southwest we will definitely be carrying on our luggage. this of course means i will have to carry on my hair supplies. i will probably just wear twist then i wont have to take much.

all for now, i have to start to get ready for work :(
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Mums - Better Homes and Gardens

I just bought 3 today in preparation for my fall decorating, i know im a little late. smh I will just put them in pots outside until it gets too cold, along with some scarecrows and pumpkins. We also have quite a few plants to move into the house as they arent doing to well outside anymore.

Fall Mums - Better Homes and Gardens

Monday, October 18, 2010

keeping with the twist

I am currently in a challenge over at I'm supposed to keep my hair in 2strand twist m-f. Iove twist but sometimes get bored with them and sometimes I just want to try the "out styles". Yesterday I tried a braidout with KCCC but was to lazy to allow it to dry, I say under my conair dryer for about 30 minutes then tried air drying for an hour or so. I was to impatient and just started twisting with my hair about 70% dry. I didn't use any product since I had the kccc and knot today. I did small twist which came out pretty nice. When I was all done I spritz with water,leave in, and jojoba oil. My hair curled up nicely and I was a happy camper.

I plan on sticking with this challenge at least until December. I want to see some growth but more than that I want my hair to stay healthy and continue to just learn my hair. I'm not very good with "out styles" but I am with twist. I figure why try to fix something that isn't broke lol
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

watermarking with Picasa

this was even easier than my earlier post. shout out to for sharing how she watermarks. this was easy to do, the only thing i dont like is that i think you have to create a new watermark for each pic as i didnt see a save option for the text created (watermark) but its still cool :)
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Watermarking (copyrighting)

i have been trying to figure out a way to copyright my pics for about a week now. most of my research has shown that people use photoshop to do this. i did a google search today an found that picasa allows watermarking. it was pretty easy to do. the only thing that i dont like is that you cant change the font, color, size and i dont think you can reposition where they stamp the photo (lower right corner). someone can easily crop it out.
well, i hope this is helpful to someone. if anyone uses any other program please share!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its Our Anniversary!

We were married 2 years ago on this day at Cocoa Beach Fl. It was a very eventful day, lol . It rained of course, infact stormed right after our ceremony while we were taking pictures. my hair was a mess, but i didnt care. I had originally gotten in done the day before we left for florida. it was in a pressed updo style with spiral curls. what was i thinking. i walked around disney the day before the wedding in rollers lol. the night before the wedding, while giving Ava a bath, i accidently turned on the shower and my hair was done! I didnt panick, i just blow-dried it and then pressed it again and did my best at an updo. it was ok, but of course it got ruined during our wedding. lol good times. enjoy the slide show :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blast from the past!

I didnt realize that my natural styling started back a few years ago. I was looking through old pictures and found some styles i wore about 4-5 years ago when i first stopped perming my hair. I remember doing the styles and everyone thinking i was crazy. because i pretty much got laughed at and didnt have the resources i have today, i resorted to pressing my hair. Below are a few pictures of styles i tried during that time. I actually had two strand twist!, i also wore a half wig, and phony pony :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

talk about shrinkage!

This is my twist n curl I did last night. I was supposed to do a roller set but was too lazy. This was my best tnc yet! Too bad its supposed to rain the next couple days. This means two strand twist are in order for me , I just don't feel like doing them tonight.....smh. we will see what happens
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


In honoring my macbook pro and its capabilities, I am trying out another blogging tool called blogo. My hope is that I will find a program that will allow the maxium blog editing at an easy level....we we see how that goes

  • some vacation photos!

ok, lets see how this post turns out :0

link: Blogo: The blog editor for your Mac: Screenshots