Thursday, December 20, 2012

Working on those goals :)

I may have mentioned before that my most recent life/career goals include taking a yoga instructor course and obtaining certification as a holistic nurse.

Last week I contacted a yoga studio near my house. I had search tons of programs near my home and even up to an hour away. The problem was scheduling, every program meets Friday-Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to work 2 Fridays every month so that wasn't going to work for me. When I thought all was lost, I came across Tulaa Yoga Studio. This studio is 30 minutes from my house and meets every Thursday and every 3rd weekend. It will take 8 months to complete. I spoke with the studio owner who was kind enough to offer support and advice while I prepare for class next year :) I also learned that Tulaa's training program will include some theories and teachings from the Himalayan Institue

Finally, I discovered The Birchtree Center . I even spoke to the owner/operator. This center center provides training for nursing seeking holistic education/certification and more. The next training session isn't until spring and fall 2013. I also spoke to an instructor at my old nursing school, she is a graduate of the Birchtree Center and highly recommends the program. I love how everything is falling into place. I really hope and pray that things will continue to work itself out:) I don't know yet what I will do with this new education/certification, but it's on my heart so I must pursue it. Who knows where it may lead me!

Can you say EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Online Certificate Program | 60141 Continuing Education Unit at

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Online Certificate Program | 60141 Continuing Education Unit at

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm sure you have heard about the terrible tragedy.a school shooting at an elementary school, in a kindergarten class room! I believe 27 people where killed 28 including the gun who killed himself and his mother. Ava wanted to stay home yesterday because she want feeling well. I agreed, when I heard about the shootings I just looked at her and cried. I was so thankful she was ok and at home even though her school was ok. My prayers and thoughts are stuck on those families, I had a hard time falling asleep just thinkin how they must be feeling. I held my son for almost and hour with tears in my eyes while he slept. If only we could hold our babies in our arms forever. It really breaks my heart knowing that we have to send our children out in this world. How am I suppose to explain toy daughter thy she's safe at school? Thank god she doesn't know what happened and I debating whether or not I should tell her. I don't want her to hear about it elsewhere, and be confused and scared. We must pray!!! We must have faith that God is always in control and does not make mistakes. We must have faith that those 27 people don't die in vain!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A blessed day

Yesterday, I attended 2 parties one being my nephews 4th bday:). Before the parties I was able to cook, do laundry, yoga, and retwist my hair! My yoga DVD also arrived, It was a very nice day!!

The birthday boy and I

My daughter and nieces

Standing forward fold


My growing yoga/holistic health library

Yoga today :)

I kept it simple. Very relaxing

Legs up wall




Bow pose

Cat pose

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yoga and Instagram

Earlier today, a yogi blogger at referencing the "competitive nature" that is becoming of some yogi instagramers. In a nut shell, Candace blogged about the concern for yoga becoming competitive and losing its true meaning. I read her blog early this morning, and here at 1030pm its still on my mind! Im not sure if its because I feel guilty or if its my true love for yoga awakening.

I decided I would like to take a Yoga Teacher Training class. Not so much to teach, although I would like to one day. But I want to take the course to learn so much more about yoga than I ever could through youtube, twitter, and instagram. Yoga has done so much for me these past few months and I just want to learn as much about it as possible.

Gosh darn, off the topic lol. Anyways, since reading Candace's post, I have decided to shy away from these yoga challenges. My intentions aren't good, to be honest I am participating "because I can" i love the ego trip you get when you upload a cool pose and receive a ton of likes. Im embarrassed to say this, but its the truth. THis is not what yoga is about however, like Candace says. Instead I am going to continue my practice and upload at my leisure. I really want to be develop a "strict" yoga practice. I really want to know the basics. Instagram has been hindering me from getting where I need to be with yoga in a way. Tis all for now :)

For some seriously annoying reason,I can't get links to work! Please google search "yogabycandace" Sorrrrrryyyyy..........