Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bun or Twist

yesterday I did a bun when i took out my twist. it was lovely, my only issue was with the goody band i used. it was so tight, gave me a headache and i could feel my hair being pulled :( I want to redo it, since I washed my hair last night, but I am torn. I know its gonna feel tight so that makes me not want to do it. I really want to put some small twist in my hair, but I am afraid that I will have to take them out in 2 weeks. My hair has just been so dry lately, I guees I should consider deep conditioning lol. Anyways, last night I washed my hair with my sample size of giovanni smooth as silk shampoo (i think thats what it was), it got my hair squeaky clean (literally lol) i didnt like the way it made the back of my hair feel, it felt very stripped and knotted. After washing  I detangle with HE hello hydration and my tangle teezer :), rinses the conditioner out in large twist and then applied healthy amounts of giovanni direct leave in and ABherbal oil. My plan was to have my hair as soft as posiible for whatwver style I would do today. However, my hair kinda feels the same.

Well, I am not sure how I will style my hair for the day. But, I gotta get started on something. Heres yesterdays bun :)

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Post by Ava! lol she did this while i was in the shower. she used my phone lol

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Tangle Teezer, Contest, New Naturals, Denman Brush,Twist Update!

This will be along post, so it will be broken down into sections :)

Hair Update- Currently, my hair is large twist. I havent washed my hair in almost 3 weeks. I did the twist after taking my smaller twit out, wore a twist out for two days then used my denman to detange and then eventually retwsted my hair. nothing special really,but its been a good style for the past few days where I havent felt like doing my hairIMAG6747-2011-02-24-20-30.jpg

This is my shortly lived twistoutIMAG6581-2011-02-24-20-30.jpg

Tangle Teezer- after seeing NaturalChica’s demo of the tangle teezer, I had to get one. I ordered it from Sallys and it came today! I will be using it this weekend :)

Contest- I won my first contest! It was held by mommmyg05 on youtube. I am a 3rd place winner, but a win is a win! I also entered Naptural85s recent contest and am keeping my fingers crossed for that one

New Naturals- Include my sister, Tiffany who did a BC a day after watching youtube :) and my friend Lakeya is thinking about joining.

Denman Brush- I used twice since I bought it a few weeks ago. I have nothing negative to say. I will not be using a comb to detangle anymore lol. That denman was like magic, I can only imagine what the tangle teezer will be like.

ok, all for now, I am exhausted :(

Friday, February 18, 2011

twist challenge update

So after a brief lapse in the challenge, I got myself together again and came back to my twist. These were done on hair that was dries overnight in larger twist. I didst use any product to twist, the only thing in my hair was giovanni direct leave in. I was shocked that the twist held so well. For washing, I shampooed with my pantene then detangled with herbal essence. I also used the denman brush I recently purchased to further detangle I guess? I really wanted a tangle teezer but couldn't find it anywhere:(

Anyways, for the challenge I have learned that ny hair needs to be washed and detangled fully at least every two weeks. I notice if I leave twist in longer they become lifeless, dry, and kinda matted. I am still working on a good mix for a daily spritz.

In other news, my sister had finally really decided to be natural. While in the poconos I convinced her to let me twist her hair. She wears a half wig over it but I will take what I can get, lol. She actually says she likes playing with her twist and she's thinking about cutting her permed ends off. My friend tiffany is also thinking about being natural. I spent the day introducing her to curlynikki, naptural85, nikkimae, and kimmaytubes. Needless to say their hair alone made her want to be natural.

Tis all for now :)
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Friday, February 11, 2011

straight hair!

I finally flat ironed my hair! Details and more pics to follow :)
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Twist out!

I have a lot to cover in this post! It all started with taking my 3 week old twist out last night. I didnt feel like doing it, but today would be the only day in a week that I would be able to do my hair. It took about 2 hours to take my small twist out :(

After I was done, I decided to wash my hair. I used my old faithful Pantene shampoo since its the only shampoo I have. I hadnt used it in so long because I had strictly been cowashing. Since I as using the shampoo I decided to use all the pantene products I had. I detanlged with the conditioner and applied the oil cream moisturizer to each section I would twist. I used a “heavy” amount for each section. The oil cream mositurizer does have mineral oil in it but I went with because I had used this line for years and my hair has been healthy. besides, what better sealant than something that blocks everything :) lol

Anyways, the next morning I took the twist down and hated my hair at first. while it was soft, shiny, and bouncy, it was really short. I just started fluffing and styling and after abut 10 minutes I loved it. Enjoy the video below :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

same ole twist

I had rinsed my twist with water and a little suave conditioner. Afterwards I put a healthy amount of giovanni direct leave in and AB herbal oil. My hair was soft and didst feel like the brillo pad it once did. This morning however its not as soft and already feels dry. What's a girl to do?
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