Thursday, September 30, 2010

Testing out MarsEdit

Jarred convinced me to get a macbook pro as he made the conversion. His thinking is that macbook will make my blogging, photo, gaming life much easier. I agreed because my little 10inc net book just wasnt cutting it.

So, here am I on day 5 or so of having my macbook and I love it. I havent done much with it yet,but its just nice to have a larger screen and to be able to appreciate my high quality photos and videos.

I just did a google search looking for software that would enable to post to my blog in a more sleep efficient way, so I am giving this MarsEdit a try.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

love my bun

I did this bun a couple days ago after watching glamazinis YouTube tutorial. Its quick, easy, and protective so this a " 5 star" style in my opinion. To refresh it I have been rubbing shea butter to the edges at night and undoing the twist to add oil or shea butter if they feel dry. I've gotten so many compliments, people think o went to a salon lol.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back from Vacation!

We had a wonderful time. The Disney curise was amazing. the boat itself was huge and beautiful, probably top of the line. there was so much to do on the boat for adults, kids, and families! we seen a couple shows on board, swam, attended some of the deck parties, shopped, and just toured the boat a few times. our ports were Nassau Bahamas and Disneys island castwasy key. we toured atlantis and hung out on the beach. on disneys island, jarred and i went kayaking while the kids were at the ship nursery, after kayaking we all hung out on the beach and jarred got to snorkel. after our cruise was over we stayed at disneys french quarter resort for a few days. while in florida, we visited Cocoa Beach where jarred and i were married in 2008. we also went to majic kingdom, epcot, and animal kingdom. we had a great time and i cant wait to go on another cruise!

i didnt have a very successful hair vacation however. i took my 2 week old twist out after the cruise and attempted a bun but i didnt have enough tools, lol. i just redid twist a little larger and styled them with some flower accessories in an updo believe it or not, i got a couple compliments on my hair :)

attached is my favorite hair shot from vacation. this was taken in Atlantis, these are my 2 week old "smedium" twist

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cruise/vacation hair plans

this is just for my notes i guess. we are going on a Disney cruise leaving Thursday! we are going to the Bahamas. i will be traveling with my hair in two strand twist( about 1.5weeks old) i plan to keep them in as long as i can. we will be away for a week total. but, if i must wash my hair i have with me suave conditioner, sheamoisture curl smoothie, gel, and some accessories. i would like to revist the currlynikki twist n curl but i don't plan on taking rollers with me. i will try a regular twistout again and i want to try a bun

Ava's first day of preschool!

Went very well! Neither on of us cried, lol. She didnt even give me a hug goodbye, instead she pushed me away :( When we came to pick her up, she seen me peeking in the door and got up from the group and said its time to go. One of the assistants kindly seated her back in the group. I seen Ava had her hands on her ears while the class was singing ABC's when i asked Ava why she said, "they were too loud" lol. I think Ava will always be Ava. She didnt talk much about her day once she got home, and when I asked if she would goo back, she said "no because they made me run around" lol they had free time in the gym and Ava didnt feel like running i guess. I hope she tells me more about her day. I know that she didnt cry and nothing dramatic happened so I guess it went ok. Here are a few pics
From Hair

From Hair

From Hair

and last but my least.... i put my twist on flexi rods last night and woke up in love
From Hair

Saturday, September 11, 2010

loving my twist

this is just a pic of my hair today. still in the "smedium" two strand twist from earlier in the week. I'm learning updos or just pin ups work better for me
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Friday, September 10, 2010

uggggh busy/annoying day at work!

first off i worked 12a-12p...worst shift ever! i come in and do 3 lunch coverages back to back. i came to work kinda with the "i dont feel like working attiude" smh but as soon as i take care of a pt i turn that 'tude off :) lol. my day was fine doing my lunches, then i go into to my assigned station and have a lady thats doing ok, but i just had to travel with her to her room because she had a new chest tube. transport goes ok even though the floor Rn never came in the room to help get the patiient in bed or set up her suction. so, of courrse i tuck my lady in set her all up and then leave. as i am walking down the hall i get attitude from some random nurse " did the nurse know u were coming" lol i say "she got report, ive been in the room for 15 minutes setting up and she hasnt come in" then i keep it moving, but not before asking exactly who is the nurse. I leave telling the nurse that i dropped off her pt and am on my way.

now i am back on the floor and walk into my zone with a new patient.... and guess what? i have yet another patient that will need transport! WTF! anyways i get her all settled and its now my lunch break. i come back from lunch and theres now a 2nd patient in my zone and guess what? fresh trach which equals rn must travel :( so while getting my trach pt settled i notice my other patient (nepherectomy) hasnt really been putting out urine.... i call the md and he has me hang a liter bolus.

now fast forward to like 4 hours later,2500 in saline boluses, 500 hespan, stable VSS, and like hardly 25cc of urine. i call the md with updates and they basically want me to keep the patient until she makes uring because shes "unstable" nonsense, her vitals were fine and the only thing i did for her was hang fluid and check urine. things that can be done on the floor. i had no problem keeping the patient but it was almost 10pm and we were gonna be down to 4 nurses and 4 patients with still 2 to come out of the OR (our ratio is 2:1) sigh.... long story short, call md back because urine output had increased to 50 cc in 1.5hrs. per md patient can now return to the floor! OMG at this poing its a litte past 11 and i am beyondd ready to go, but OR is ringing because they are finished with the urology pt. of course i take him beecause 1 nurse had a busy paitent, the other nurse had a patient, and the third nurse was just getting report on her patient.

ok tired of typing, in the end it all worked out. all patients went to the their rooms/homes and night shift was left with only 2 patients between them ( 2 RN's)

* i only complianed about having to transport my patients because this usally doesnt happen. there is/was enough nurses to have taken one of my patients so i wouldnt have to do 3 back to back transport....but whatever

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this is a test

trying out my mobile app. I could be biased but these are the cutest sweetest kids ever..... my ava and jk
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new twist/curl set and maintence

i put my hair in small 2 strand twiist a couple days ago. the first night i just bobby pinned the ends up to sleep. last night i was torn because i had just bought flex rods and wanted to try them but i didnt feel like rollingg my hair or sleeping with rollers lol. so, i flat twisted my hair (vertically) in 6 twist then pincurled the ends. i used shea butter to twist and kinda "set" my hair. this morning i took out the flat twist and was in love. my hair was super curly, not too shrunken and just cute :) this will be my new way of doing a quick twist rod set without the rods lol. seriously, my curls look very similar tto when i rod set my twist. here are some pics!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

just a twist out

this is a result of my mini twist take down. i wanted to wash my hair, but will be waiting till the weekend . i will wear a bun tommorow :)