Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today is day 4 of eating raw veagn following the 80/10/10 guidelines. For the most part, I am enjoying it but I am experiencing some struggles. My biggest issue is dinner. I cant eat these huge salads most people speak of. My belly gets full before finishing half of it. Maybe Im eating too much fruit before meals? I am also struggling with calorie counting. I'm not sure how many calories I should take in. There are many rules to follow for calculating calorie requirement. I was aiming for 1500-2000 but notice that with breakfast and lunch I take in almost 1000 calories and by dinner I'm not that hungry.

So here's what I have been eating

Breakfast- persimmon smoothie I use 5 which makes 500 calories

Lunch mango smoothie- I use 3-4 which gives around 400

Snacks are usually 2 cups of red grapes about 200 calories

Dinner is where I struggle. It's not that I don't like salad, I just get full so fast. I can eat a whole bunch of kale salad, but romaine and spinach are tough. I will usually have a mango smoothie before or during dinner or some kind of fruit snack either grapes, banana or kiwi.

I am experiencing some positives with this diet. I am saving tons of time, I get so happy when food shopping and my mood has improved a lot. I am learning to love fruit, prior to 801010 I hardly ate fruit, now I am having it daily! My belly has had a serious break, I still get bloated but don't really experience the pain I had before, I notice how much faster my food digests when compared to cooked food.

I must say that I hardly ever feel hungry since I started 801010, my meals usually keep me full for about 4 hrs, this is around the time I would eat another meal. I am also eating more. Before I would always skip lunch because "I didn't have time" lol now I have lunch everyday :) so far I am happy, but I know I have struggles to work through but I am hoping I can give this at least a full month.