Saturday, July 31, 2010


this is my KCCC experiment. i washed my twist and had the best curls ever, so i put a little KCCC on and will see what happens when it dries... full story on


MY evo has been non-functional all day. i cant begin to tell you how sad this makes me. my hubby the hacker has been wworking on it for hours. hopefully he can fix it :)

i wore my hair in twist all week and loved them, but my hiar is itchy and a little smelly so i will be washing it tonight. i am torn between what styles i wanna try. i really want to reexplore the KCCC, but its so time consuming and i will be pissed if it doesnt look right. besides i will most likely be doing my hair tonight so i need something that i can sleep on. i have also been thinking about a roller set. i dont have the proper dryer for this, all i have is a handheld. i may still give it a try. lastly, the easiest style... a twist out. i will probably end up doing this. oh yeah, i bought the giovanni direct leave in everyones raves about and i cant wait to use it!

well off to dinner, put the babes to sleep and then its hair time.....possibly followed by a little mommy/daddy time lol

Friday, July 30, 2010

make-up? lol

this was a little experiment with my make up i bought from target a few weeks ago. as you can see, i cam not a make up kinda girl lol. i just have on mascara and eye shadow. of course some lip gloss.... practice makes perfect i guess. btw, im so happy its friday, even though i have to work till midnight. i just cant wait to play with my hair this weekend. i am invovled in a challange at but i have a growing list of products to try and i cant wait anymore. im only gonna buy stuff that i dont have like some type of curl smoothie/pudding and an oil. im thinking the shea moisture surl smoothie or something like that. i also read a nice review of organic root stimu lock n twist gel. i make try that. any recommendations???? im looking to make my twist/twistouts more defined, soft, and have more body.

ok, off to prepare for 12 hours of joy........

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my hair today

YAY 6 followers!

Thanks Guys!!!! I knoow 6 isnt a lot, but i appreicate you all. I love reading everyones blog and looking at your beautiful hair. Im not all that interesting but i love that i can post and share my experiences with my hair.
currently, my hair is in 2strand twist. i roller set'd them last night and just did a barette in the front of my hair. it only took me about an hour to do probably 50 twist or so :)

I worked today 12a-12p and I am exhausted because i am not used to this shift. we have been super, super busy at work this summer and it kinda sucks. but at least its job security :)

i have some pics to upload of my little garden and my chicken flouritine i made a while back.

i know this is a very random post....maybe i am a little delirious from working this crazy shift lol.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Successful Twist out!

Finallyy!!! a successful twistout. i staarted with twist from the week before, i wet my hair in the shower and retwisted in large twist probably about 15-20 and then slept. in the morning i untwisted them with a little oil and fluffed. i actually ended up untwisting each section over for more volume. i like it, but dont think i will wear it too work. the back of my hair is so thick and doesnt look as styled as the front.....

"If you are black you need a weave or professional"

this is what i believed for almost all of my life! I started thinking about this again when i had dinner friday night with my best friends. One of them LC, has never even washed her own hair. She has always wore a press n curl, well she realxes too faithfully. LC sat at dinner with a fresh sewn in weave (that was beautiful) and just went on and on about her Remi hair and the "new japanese remi". while it looked nice i ws just so bothered by this. I hate the fact that we think that every other race has way more beautiful hair than us! its not true, we all have different hair and therefore our hair need different care than the other races.

i believed for so many years that black hair cant look nice if its not "done". Now i think its silly to get your "done" every 2 weeks. its nothing with having your hair look good, but why must i sit in a salon for 3-6 hours just to look good, or go spend almost $100 a pack for hair that isnt mine?.... jsut to look nice? thats crazy.

I am on a serious mission to raise my daughter to believe that she doesnt need all that to look pretty. i want her to know that black hair doesnt need weave or hours at the salon to look good. the only thing our hair needs is the same that other races hair needs. TLC. we hav to take care of our hair if we want it to look good. it grosses me out when my sister shows me her hair under her wig..... its dry, matted, and nappy (in a bad way). I keep telling her she has to take care of her hair. she tells me i am crazy for "dealing with my hair"

anywho, back on topic. i could go on and on. i just want my daughter and the people around me to get over the myth that all black hair is bad. sometimes my mother says "we as black people are cursed with our hair" she thinks that everyother race has better hair than us. but think about it, the other races dont leave weaves and braids in there hair for months without washing, condiotioning and moisturizing. they take care of thier hair... and thats all we need to do!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My products and challenge

its been about 6 weeks since i have started my natural hair experiments. i am so anxious for my hair to grow and try new styles. lately i have been racking up on products, sorta jumping on bandwagons. so far i havent noticed any real change in my hair. so i am gonna stick to what i have and what has gotten my hair this far. i plan on using whatever products i have on hand until they run out. i have pretty much eeverything i need, i am only misssing and oil but i have EVOO in the kitchen and i will use that :) heres a list of what i have.

All three pantente products. i used this solely while transitioned and i think it has really made my hair healthy

love my cantu shea butter, i also used this while transitioning

i have eco styler, and a few products from the olive oil line. i dont have much to say about those, because i only have had them for a month

ok, that is all for now. my battery is about to die on my laptop

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


ive been kinda busy the past couple days... wwe got home from DC monday afternoon. i tried my KCCC for all of 2 minutes befor giving up. i just didnt feel like doing it, and then it not coming out right. i also had to work at 8 am the next day. anywho, i didn what i do best and put some twist in. i wasnt happy about. i hardly ever wear my twsit down cuz it just looks a mess.

i plan on attempting another twist out over the weekend, and eventually when i have a couple days off i will do a the KCCC again.

im a little diappointed that i havent picked up any new followers:( buti understand my blog is kinda boring now, lol. i started a CSJ on curlynikki but that hasnt gotten much attention yet either. i plan on submit my pics and story to different blogs to meet some new people. i am constanly seeking apporval for my hair and new style ideas.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

while in DC....the prequel

we were in DC over the weekend for my husbands family reunion. we wil be traveling home tommorow. besides having a great time with family and sight-seeing, i enjoyed great hair all weekend! i even connected with one of jarreds cousins who just happens to be a natural too! she did her BC in febuary. shout out to JAmilla! i have tons of pixs because i really had a good time with my hair lol. im only posting one or two cuz i am mobile blogging. stayed tuned :)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

target trip

ava and i just got back from our weekly target trip. jarred and jk were left home so we were frre to shop for our hair products, clothes, makeup, bath products all the girly stuff we enjoy, lol. i seen the Say yes to cucombers and a fee other popular products that i hear about such as, herbal hessence hello hydration, bed head, frizz ease, etc. its funny because before i decided to "go natural" i thought that only products in the "ethnic hair" aisle or products marketed towards black were good for my hair. i thought the other stuff wouldnt work because it wasnt made for "our hair". well another lesson learned.

anywho, i bought some suave conditioner, cantu pomade, cheap make up (eye shadow, mascara), hello hydration contioner. i was so close to getting yes to cumcombers but ijust bought stuff from KCCC so i will wait until i run out of something. heres a pic of the stuff i bought and my hair still in two stand twist its day 4! a record for me :) ugggghhh, im maxed out of space so i cant upload pics. i just paid for an upgrade but it takes up to 24hrs to process :( bologna!

it worked! here are the pics!

Monday, July 12, 2010


so i wore my lil twist updo to work. i wasnt 100% sure about it, but i wore it anyway. i ended up getting a lot of comments, so i am happy i was confident enough to wear it. btw, my KCCC products came today :) too bad i vowed to keep my hair twisted at least till friday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


after twisting my hair yesterday, i really didnt like hoow the ends looked. i was so tempted to do an twist and curl or twistout, but i wanna save the TNC for later in the week and i have a feeling a twistout wont turn out right. so, i play played around and pinned my twist up. i kinda like the style but its not special, i dont like how it looks like i have "beedy bees" lol, but i think i will wear it anyway :)here are the pics.....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

twisted again!

today i washed my hair and played around with it. my plans were to see how it would look freshly washed. i wanted an idea of how my hair may look once my Kccc arrives. i took a few pics of my hair wet, in a puff, and after i finished mt twist. ive been experiencing technical difficulties with my phone uploading which totally sucks. all for now cuz in using my phobe and typing kinda stinks

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


the past 2 weeks or so, i have been trying to wear my hair * natural. i wanted to stop or at least slow down my press n curl regimen. the first week i wore twist while on vacation and the second week i did twist again but i used a roller set for a lovely curl. i loved both styles, but must admit i got kinda bored. with my boredom, i decided tp try a couple other styles. i liked them but i just couldnt muster up the courage to wear it out :( tonight i got really frustrated and jsut pressed my was a choice between twisting again or pressing. i just pressed it because it seemed easier and i know i wouldnt have a problem wearing it.

i have enjoyed my time trying to be natural. i have easily spent probably $120, countless hours, and took at least 200 pictures of my styles and attempted styles since i got interseted in this.i loved reading natural ladies blogs and looking at pictures but i just dont think i have to confidence or "swag" to pull these styles off.

i will probably attempted twist again because i really liked it and it was easy. i just need to learn to style them. while i was pressing my hair, i noticed i had tons of split ends and damage :( so now really isnt the time to go backwards, but hey i had to do it for my sanity


good times.......not but on the brighter side no work for me!

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posting from phone

so this is an attempt to blog more often.....hopefully it works cuz ive got stuff to talk about lol

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Monday, July 5, 2010


so i think i like it :) my first twist out or is it a twist n curl????


First Twistout

so after a very successful week of wearing my twist, i decided it was time to try a twist out. it came out ok, but i will prob redo it tonight and attempt to wear it to work the way, i wore my twist to work last week and got so many compliments! i loved it :) pics of my twist out are coming next, i haave to transfer them from my phone