Friday, November 30, 2012

Maybe I won't be gluten free

I did pretty well last week, but this week I was horrible. The 3 days I worked I ate pretty well and avoided gluten all but one day. The 3rd day of work, I just decided to buy lunch and ate a sandwich on regular bread with feta cheese! I felt so bad about messing up, I just figured I would continue to do damage and ate a huge chocolate brownie cookie. Fast forward to the past two days, I am still bloated and I ate pizza today despite already having issues. Im sitting here feeling pregnant because thats how tight my stomach is. Im trying not to get too discouraged, because I know I can do this. Its just a little harder than I expected. Next week, I need to make sure I buy enough fruits/vegetables, and cook at least 3 meals/week. I also have to buckle down on my food diary Heres to next week....

Why Yoga?

There are so many reasons I started practicing yoga and even more reasons why I continue. My initial reason was to help repair my diastasis recti. As I learned about the ab separation I have and why its so, I decided I needed to focus on my body as a whole. I also wanted to do some cool asanas and not just those boring core postures lol. Core postures are so important though, I just get bored easily so I needed to explore movement within yoga. Thats when I learned about Vinyasa flow and so on. By no means am I even an intermediate level yogi, but some days I pretend to be lol

Ok, we are getting off track. I explained why I began yoga, now I will get into why I continue to practice. I am so ashamed to admit, but I have issues. I have moments of depression and low self esteem! Shocking, I know if you know me personally, but yes its true. I also have the problem of comparing myself to almost everyone else, and wondering if I need to change so many things about myself and my life. Even though I am truly blessed, I still would feel sad for no reason and just question if I am truly happy. This is when I decided I needed to be able to take time away from it all and just be. Just breathe, think, reflect, and feel that I am ok! I will never forget my first few yoga sessions, I instantly felt like a heavy weight was lifted. I was on an emotional high. I felt so good, and this was only after maybe 20 minutes or so lol. So, its very easy to see why I continue yoga... but there are so many more reasons~

My self esteem issues... smh, I can't believe I am going here. Don't get me wrong, I know Im not ugly and I know theres nothing "wrong" with me. But again, I would constantly worry about how I think I should look?!?!? Jarred tells me all the time I am beautiful just the way I am, and that I don't need to change a thing. He gets so upset when I share my body issues with him, because he just doesn't see me as I see myself. He sees a beautiful person inside and out, without flaws and I truly love him for that. He doesn't care that I have locs, he doesn't care about my flabby stomach, stretch marks, or skinny legs. These are all my issues. But with yoga, I am really learning to appreciate all my "flaws" they aren't even really flaws! My biggest insecurity right now is my stomach and sometimes flabby small appearing boobs lol ( hey child birth and breastfeeding did this ) The more I practice, the more I am loving my body just the way it is. I am becoming more concerned with my overall health, more so than my physical appearance. Being half naked in yoga outfits, has made me so much more confident. I always felt really skinny , like I had no shape lol. But the more I look at myself and feel my body moving and muscles working, I see that I'm not so bad after all lol.

I still have such a long way to go, but I feel so much better than I did months ago. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I know if I continue this journey I am on, I won't be disappointed. I encourage everyone to try yoga, theres something in it for everyone, mediation alone is powerful! Just taking a moment to breath and relax your mind and body,with just the sound of your breath is uplifting. How many times a day do we just consciously breathe? Of course we are breathing all day long, but to mindfully breath in and out for even just a few breaths will do wonders~! Give it a try, you will not be disappointed! Namaste :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holistic Health

Since practicing yoga and searching for a healthier lifestyle, I have almost become obsessed with learning how to deepen my practice and knowledge. I dream one day of being a yoga instructor and holistic health coach. Since I am a nurse, I naturally started my search on becoming a holistic practitioner with the I got a little discouraged there, because in order to obtain certification you must already be a practitioner. I know there isn't many jobs out yet sooooo.... Im not sure I will be able to go that route. But, I am a big believer in nursing entrepreneurs and alternative nursing careers so I won't give up yet. I also found this site This course cost about $4500 and requires four weekends thursday- sunday of training, I believe its based in NYC. The course I am most interested in is here this one is online, and provides enough hours to sit for certification. Its designed specifically for nurses. Cost is $5000.

With my new career goals, I just don't want to abandon being a nurse. After all, nursing was exactly what I wanted to do! But since making all of these lifestyle changes, I realize it only make since to incorporate them into a career if I can.

Another goal is taking a yoga teacher training course. Not just because I would like to be an instructor one day, but because I really want to know what I am doing lol. The cost is roughly $2500-3000 depending on where you go.

Decisions, decisions, I know anything is possible. I just have to decided what I want to do and how I would like to do it. Naturally, these ideas won't go into full affect until maybe 5-10 years from now :( But i do want to take either the nursing certification or yoga certification in the next couple years.

I have also been looking for yoga and holistic nursing/health conferences. I would love to attend one, this way I can meet people, and get information.

We will see what happens :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

My first "gluten free week"

Well, I am happy to say I made it through the week. Its been pretty easy to eat gluten free, the hard part is avoiding temptation of food I know will upset my stomach. I kept a food diary and updated it almost everyday. I basically ate kale salad for 2 or 3 days for lunch/dinner and breakfast was fruit and bacon or boiled egg. I also made a zuppa toscona soup inspired by Olive Garden. I used coconut milk and fresh vegetables/herbs. This soup was hearty and lasted me about 4 days. Things got tricky when I had a couple free hours before work wednsday. I needed breakfast and gave into a bacon and egg croissant. Initially I only ate half the croissant, but it was so good I had to eat the whole thing lol. Surprisingly, it didn't make my stomach feel horrible, I had bloating but it didn't last all day. I noticed my stomach has definitely gotten smaller. I stood in the mirror smiling for almost 10 minutes this morning because I was in shock!

After all my progress, I gave in again and ate mac n cheese, apple pie, and a small piece of chocolate cake. lol it wasn't all at once, but all in one day. Today actually, so Im a little bloated right now, but not uncomfortable.

I need to get planning for the week so I can keep this up. Oh, I almost forgot! I found a delicious gluten free cereal. Honey Nut chex!, that has been my go to breakfast/snack. I also tried Vans Gluten free waffles, they taste just like regular waffles and are both diary/gluten free :)

My next endeavor will be to try an herbal tea mixture. I watched a youtube video on using coriander, fennel, ginger, and cardamon to help with bowel distention. It sounds like it would taste awful, but I'm hoping just 4 or 6 ounces could help. I don't think I could take more than that lol

Last but not least, I expanded my yoga/health library today. I ordered I can't wait for it to arrive!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Homemade thin mints

Could it be true? I love girl scouts thin mints. Lucky for me, I have a handful of coworkers with daughters that have been selling them every year for the past few years :) I came across an amazingwebsite/blog while on one of my gluten free recipe searches.

I forgot to buy peppermint extract and needed andis peppermint for another recipe, so I just improvised. I melted the chocolate and peppermint together and all was well. I also didn't have parchment paper, so I used foil coated with vegetable oil. Surprisingly, the cookies didn't stick, didn't taste like oil, and weren't too messy lol. I can't lie, the chocolate did melt in my hands a little.


Anyways this recipe took about 10 minutes to prepare and 25 minutes to cool. I'm about to go use up the rest of my ritz crackers to make another batch lol


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gluten free?

I've been considering this lately. I think I mentioned before how bloated my stomach gets....this happens no matter what I eat it seems. I made a lot of dietary changes lately and I think gluten elimination needs to be another change.

I cut diary almost 2 years ago after having abdominal pain and terrible gas after eating anything diary related.

Red meat was eliminated last year, it just made me nauseated. I was never a big meat eater anyway, so this was an easy one :)

Fast food and dining out has slowed down too. Im al it's afraid to eat anything I haven't prepared because I dont know how my stomach will handle it

Anyways back to gluten... I have been doing yoga daily, specifically trying to strengthen my core. So far I think I'm doing pretty good but, my stomach still looks like I'm pregnant most of the time :) I can suck the fat in and my little muscle show, I can feel the muscles but the bloating takes over. If I am good on a particular day, my stomach is almost flat!

After some research and pure desperation , I'm considering eliminating gluten! We will see how that goes. I've been reading blogs all day and I've found some amazing recipes :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What were we doing 10 years ago?

The other night I was randomly thinking how much time I spend on Facebook, instagram, etc. I am a big tech, Internet, social media junkie, but it's consuming my life. The first thing I do in the morning is check Facebook and instagram smh I know. I take my phone in the bathroom with me, I eat holding my phone in one hand lol. It's just becoming too much. All of these social media outlets kinda make you obsessive. I am also finding that I constantly compare myself to others and sometimes get jealous if I see a status about something I want. Again smh, NOT Normal! But I won't put all the blame on myself, these apps make you becomes this way. Why do we need constant updates of each others lives???? Lol

Back to the point of this post, the other night I was trying to remember how I occupied my free time 10 years ago. Now, I did have a cell phone and computer then but there weren't apps like today. 10 years ago I actually held conversations with people, read actual books, had face to face contact. I am already anti social and these times have just made it worse. I dont even want to talk on the phone because my addiction to cyber stalkIng is calling, I need to take 50 photos of myself and upload them, then I must contantly check my phone to see how many likes and comments I get lol

Craziness, I know! So we are all wondering what am I gonna do to get myself out of this mess? I can't just go cold turkey! I thought about deleting all social media apps from my phone for a week, I thought about disabling my accounts, I thought about locking my phone in my car.. I'm not sure how I'm gonna become "normal" but I am going to.