Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Retwist!

Here it is! I retwisted my "locs" for the first time Frday 6/24. I cant lie, it was frustrating and it didnt turn out as nice as I wanted to. I t defintely looks better though, lol. I recorded a video giving a little more detail but, still have to edit it. All for now :)
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Friday, June 24, 2011

its time to retwist

It has been a month now! I thought I would be excited to retwist for the first time, but I don't feel like it. I suppose this isn't a good way to start this journey. What if I were a freeformer? I do enjoy washing my hair whenever I want and like the fullness, but I also appreciate a freshly twisted loc. What's a girl to do?
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


To my husband and I! Yes we share the same birthday, June 21 we are 3 years apart though. We are at Va beach with the kiddies as we have done each year for 3 years. Next year we may switch it up a bit and do hawaii for our birthday sans kiddos though.

Thank you Jesus for allowing my to see 27! I am so thankful for my life,family, friends, and technology too! Lol

Thursday, June 16, 2011

cucumber plant

So my poor cucumber plant was attacked horribly by the awful cucumber beetle. I was so upset and first tried using garlic to repel. Within days they were back and my plant was again suffering. I finally broke down and used orthomax repellent. It's supposedly safe to use on fruits and vegetables. Its done a great job getting rid of those nasty cucumber beetles and now my plant is back on the right track! I didn't want to use chemicals but I was desprate:(
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Loc Journey in pictures!

Heres the link, hope it works lol. I will update these pics frequently as I have an addiction to self portraits lol. I am in love with my hair and cant keep my hands out of it. I will be retwisting for the first time in a week or so. My daily routine is easy as can be, just remove my bonnet rub in some water, shake, add shea butter as needed and I am done! I hope it stays this easy :)

LavenderLocs Months 1-3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why did I decide to Loc?

For many reasons just like everyone else I bet. The biggest attraction to locs for me was/is simplicity. I have no interest in combing my hair anymore. lol. Im so serious though. I also love that I can wash my hair whenever I feel like it and not have to worry about “doing it” once Im done. Length retention is a another reason. I know hair can grow in almost any style, but at least for me I don’t think my hair has grown as much as I want it to. I think I haven’t seen the growth because I don’t have the patience for detangling like other naturals do. I have no interest in spending 30mins-1 hr just to get a comb through my hair. When I look back at photos of my hair over the past year, the style seen most is twist. Why? because they are so easy. Most of the time I didn’t even use a comb to install them. They are also so versatile and low maintenance.
I havent realized it until a couple days ago, but I have been natural for 5 years! Most of the time I did my own hair. I was thinking that I am rushing into locking my hair, but when I look back over the years, I spent time playing, learning, and styling my hair. I have always admired locs and wanted my own, but felt very self conscious about getting them. I thought that they would make me look less attractive. SMH at myself big time! lol I cant pinpoint the exact moment or deciding factor that led me to finally loc my hair, but I know its something that I always thought about. Recently, like in the last month I have been watching loc’d youtubers and made the decision after seeing how versatile and beautiful locs are. I also felt like I was getting bored with my “loose” hair. Although, there are so many styling options for natural hair, I just didnt experiement too much. I was always attracted to all weather, low maintence hair. lol Twist and now Locs!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

FB page "LavenderLocs"

in celebration of my locs, I have decided to make a FB fan page. lol Its more like a blog. I like FB because uploading pics is pretty easy as is sharing content. I will still blog and have my youtube of course, but I wanted something dedicated to locs exclusively. So take a moment to search for "LavenderLocs" on FB. Please like if you are interested in my loc journey :)
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Monday, June 6, 2011

A day at the pool

While in SC we of course enjoyed the pool. Nothing like not having to worry about ruining your hair while swimming. I could remember the stress of trying to swim with pressed and relaxed hair. We all enjoyed the pool and hair was the last thing on out mind. Gotta love natural hair!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding in Rock Hill, SC

What a beautiful day it was to watch a beautiful couple marry. We are in Rock Hill SC for jarreds cousins wedding. Here we are all dressed up and coordinating lol. I love for all of us to match when we attend occasions like this.

Yall know my eye was out for natural hair and there was plenty! I counted four or five ladies with locs! I was so excited and further inspired:) I can't wait for my hair to loc.

We will be flying back home tommorow and back to work tuesday. But in 2 weeks we will be at Va beach for a week:)

I love being around Jarreds family, they are so loving and just awesome!

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