Friday, December 31, 2010

almost APL!!!!!

I was just playing around with my hair and noticed the back of my hair can be stretched to my ARM pit! Exciting right? my goal however is for my twist to touch ny armpit without ne pulling/ stretching. I wonder how long that will take? Lol
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another to do list via springpad app!

hair/garden/app to do list
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why dnt you love me/ college curlies inspired do

i seen a post of Jamilas blog at and just had to try the stye with the scarf. I had bought a couple scarfs from the thrift store the other day, so timing was perfect. anywho heres the look. Picnikcollage-2010-12-26-23-20.jpg

oh yeah, i am on a hunt for a good photo editing program. I just want to be able to make collages and add text to photos. iphoto doesnt allow this and aperture is just too complicated. anyways, i used Picnik to make this collage. I like it so far and will contiue to use it until i find something better. I just wonder if picnik owns my pictures once i upload them?????

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Length Check

I have been a little frustrated over the past few days with my hair.  I cant tell if its growing! I wish I would have recorded my length when i first started my no heat styles. I can say that my hair feels and looks better than a few months ago.  My plan is to measure and record my length and really crack down on a routine. I want to see progress and so far I really havent seen any :( It could of course just be my eyes, so I plan on posting some comparison pics.

anywho the front of my hair is about half inch past my lips
the middle reached down just below my chin
the back is at shoulder length

this is alll while my hair is in twist that i did on damp hair. i gotts get a ruler to make it official lol

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twist out and Mae's "roll under"

I decided to revisit a twistout, this style is from my medium sized twist that were about 1.5 or 2 weeks old. I had a 1950s theme party yesterday and I was gonna do a regular pin-up but didnt have time to play around. Jarred thought my hair looked fine in a twistout, so I trusted his judgement and wore a twistout..... to a public event, lol. I didnt get any crazy remarks.

When I got home from the party I played arund with my hair and tried Nikkimae2003's "roll under" style. Her style comes out gorgeous, she used a week old twist out so her's looked more like an afro. heres a link to her tutorial

The pink bow belongs to ava lol, and please excuse my pajamas. I just wanted to grab a picutre of my hair and wasnt dressed yet.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

bad romance cover

still twisted

I haven't made a hair post in a little bit because I have been so infatuated with my keyboard, iMovie,and finding new software for my macbook. Not to mention trying to get ready for Christmas lol. Anyways these twist are about a week or so old. I didn't like them when I first put them in because I did them kinda big and thy just didn't have the rift curl. I kept them in anyway, every other night I mist them in he shower and rub either shea butter it shea moisture curl smoothoe through and toss my bonnet on. I don't do much with saying, I usually just pin the sides back and keep it moving.

All for now, I am watching Charlie brown Christmas with the kiddies :)
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Uggs and Laptop bag!

A couple days ago we went the mall because i decided it was time i give ugg boots a try. SInce uggs became popular i had been avoiding jumping on the band wagon. But then I started thinking....... I spend about $100 at least on boots each year and while they are comfortable and cute they are never warm. So i bought uggs, for the warmth and hopefully comfort :) I couldn't get the traditional pair because I am sick f seeing them instead I bought the retro cargo pair (i think thats what its called) it has a strap and side pocket lol with blue and purple stitching. I wore them yesterday and I wasnt all that impressed as far as comfort goes, it felt like i was walking on a hard board :( they were warm though, it was about 40degrees and my feet were hot! I guess i will be keeping my ugg boots, im sure i will grow to like them, right now I am not in love with them. i kinda think my legs are too skinny for them lol.


My other purchase was my marc jacobs laptop bag. I wasnt shopping for one, but we stopped in the apple store and it was just too cute and the only one left! I grabbed it up, and when i got home i went online to see if i could get a better deal. Wouldn't you know, i couldn't find it online. Jarred (hubby) said i wouldn't lol. anyways the reviews on it isnt great, about half the reviews said that the strap ripped off after only a few days :( i hope that wont happen to me. Maybe those reviewing had heavy laptops My laptop is less than 5 lbs

here are links to my purchases. i got my boots from the walking company and bag from the apple store.

my ugg boots

my laptop bag

lastly, I am still in love with this macjournal app :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunny Choi | Walking Towards You | CD Baby

Sunny Choi | Walking Towards You | CD Baby

I must buy and support this wonderful musician! I love her music and am so happy that she has a cd!

video time :) a video from Atlantis

second time around

this was taken just after we arrived to our resort. we had just had lunch and were roaming around to find our way back to our suite. 

on another note. i am loving this macjournal app!!!!!!!!!!

A few more pics from mexico~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

too cute and had to share

We are just getting around to decorating. I can't believe I got such a perfect shot of them. Please excuse my clutter and not yet decorated tree lol
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not a hair day

* this was a few days ago...... I just didn't feel like doing my hair today. It still braided from last nights wash, my satin bonnet is under the hat and I am on my way. I may even wear it covered to work because I have a cute Christmas bonnet lol
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

testing mars edit

P1010073.JPG this pic is at grand pallidium in ruvera maya mexico
so its been a while since i posted using software. mainly because my blogo trial ran out :( well, i still have mars edit. i didnt like it as mucha blogo but it will do. i will be uploading the rest of my vacation pics soon as well as more hair shots. i am off to pick up our kitty from the SPCA. she had to get spayed today :(

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back from Vacation!

and in the process of organizing my pictures and vidoe for upload. Mexico was amazing, we stayed at the Grand pallidium resort in the Royal suites! We went to Tulum and Xel-ha and hung out at our resort.

as far as hair, i wore twist from about 2 weeks ago and they held up great! I just got around to washing my hair tonight after 3 weeks of twist. I was scared to wash because i thought it would be a mess to detangle based on how long they were in and becaue i had gotten them wet. to my suprise it was a normal detangling session i had only a small child sized hand full of shed hair!

right now, my hair is a few briads to dry overnight and then i will twist tommorow. i am exhauseted and going to bed. i will upload my pics soon :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rivera Maya Awaits Us

Thats right, Jarred and I are going to mexico in the am. We will be there for 3 nights, minus the little ones. My hair has been twisted since 1.5 weeks  ago and its staying that way. I will probably retwist next week. I am only packing jojoba oil or olive oil, aloe vera gel, and suave conditioner. I still have so packing to do and stuf to get ready for the kids so its gonna be  a long night. toodles for now :)