Tuesday, March 29, 2011

another twist out

as promised, a few more pics of my second successful twist out following naptural 85s methods. the only issue i have is that i need to trim my ends, they looks a little scargly and its kinda making my style look wack lol

From Twist-outs
From Twist-outs
From Twist-outs
From Twist-outs

so the pics are a little small.... please click on them and my picasa web album will open :)

a trip to lowes

We went to lowes today because jarred wanted to pick up a beer keg sized pot for out Apple tree. Of course we couldn't just get one thing lol. We picked up a raspberry plant that JK is holding in the picture. We are gonna grow so many things this season. I am glad we got an early start :)
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a great twist out and baby boy

This twist out is from last Thursdays twist. More pics will follow in another post :)
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Saturday, March 26, 2011


i am just thinking of all i got accomplised today. i am usally a huge slacker, but I did pretty good today lol heres all i did
-cut shapes for avas project
-took kids outside
-planted peas, zucchini, and yellow squash
-completed editing/uploading youtube garden video
-cooked dinner
-cleaned a closet
-completed 4.5 ceus! i now have a total of 19 only need 11 more to renew my RN licensce by 4/30
-practiced keyboard....it was less than a half hour though lol

this is purely for my record keeping but felt i should share. Tommorows to-do list include just about everything above in addition to laundry and re- potting a couple plants! I must say, I am extremely grateful that I found and love my new "twist-out twist" pinned hairstyle. My hair was styled on thursday and I havent taken it down. Its a nice easy, protective, style and since I dont really have to fuss with my hair I can get so much more done :)

well, kids, hubby,and cat are all sleeping. I should be up partying, but I am exhausted from doing and hour of CEUS lol

twisted up of course

A couple days ago I washed my hair and twisted for another fab twist out. My hair was damp when u twisted and i had to take ava to school, I pinned my twist back and put on a scarf. Later that day we were going shopping and I didn't feel like taking the twist down. I just added a headband and kept it moving. This was Thursday..... today is Sunday and ny hair is exactly the same. What can I say.... I enjoy the simple things in life! Lol
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weeping Lavender Twist Redwood

or something like that, lol scientific name Cercis canadensis ‘Covey’. I discovered this plant yesterday while browsing the spring hill nursery catalog. I texted a pic t Jarred and he began his search for it for me. He went to Home Depot today for fertilizer and they had the tree! He brought it home and tricked me/ suprised me and I couldnt be happier. Lavender is starting to have a special place in my heart. I have two peices of jewelery with the “amethsyt” stone which is similar in color to lavender. I also now have 3 lavender plants, my lavender mud wash shampoo and now my lavender twist tree! Can somebody say obsession? Here are pics, I was so excited to have this tree. I cant wait to plant it and have it shape my flower garden
this is a pic I found online. isnt it beautiful?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Plant Old Bulbs | eHow.com

How to Plant Old Bulbs | eHow.com

my aunt gave me a ton of bulbs last year, i planted a couple but they didnt grow. I would like to grow them this year, but I guess we shall see what happens lol

burpee seed starting

I planted quite a few seeds about 2 weeks ago. I am happy to say that just about everything has germinated with the exception of my green pepper and watermelon:( but no worries I will buy a small plant as soon as its available in stores.

I loved this kit though, its been so amazing watching my seeds grow. They literally change throughout the day. I hope to transfer the sunflower and lettuce because they have outgrown their cells.

Oh yeah, I got ava a kit also. She's growing flowers and so far its growing! We planted her seeds Saturday and by Monday night the first little seed broke open. I'm so excited to see Those flowers!!!!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ava and lavender

Found this beauty at produce junction for $6! I was thrilled because I would like to start making lavender essential oil. This is my third lavender plant. The first one is from last year its "mona lavender" and non fragrant but beautiful. I also have a fragrant lavender from this years flower show and now today lavender plant!

In other news, I am sitting here debating whether or not I feel like washing my hair.... smh its been 3 weeks!
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

twist out day 2

Last night i just put my hair in a scrunchie and scarf. Day 2 hair was amazing until I decided to mist my hair with water before the scrunchie to go to bed tonight. Smh I should have known better, lol my twist out is gone. I'm to tired to wash and reset my hair so I will be wearing a bun (glamazini bun) tommorow and probably wash tommorow night
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Twist out reveal!

Finally!!!! heres pics of the twist out following naptural85’s method. I followed her steps closely except when I twisted my hair, I didnt use bobby pins, and when i removed the twist I didnt use an oil or anything, My hands were dry. I got great results and will be doing this style again. Its really amazing that I could get such great results with such little product :) Shea butter mix and terressentials mud wash shampoo is all that is on my hair!!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

the "naptural85" twist out

I twisted my hair up the naptural85 way last night. My hair was in an old twist out and I just sprayed lightly with water, detangled, added shea butter mix, then twisted. I didn't bobby pin the roots as she did. It took me about 1.5hrs. It was very tricky twisting the way she does but I got the hang of it after doing half my head lol.

I took a couple twist out to "preview" and I can tell it will be lovely. My only concern is that its so soft, I don't think it will "hold" we shall see tommorow lol
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

burpee seed starting kit

I bought this from Target for $8. It has 72 cells for seed starting. I planted a variety of seeds this past Sunday and some of them are already starting to sprout. at least I think that's what I see. lol I can't wait to see if everything grows :) more about the burpee in a few days once I see more progress!
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this style is a keeper!

This quick twist style I got from sunshower143 on YouTube. It literally takes about two minutes and looks great. I've had my hair like this for about 4 days. Every other day I take it down and add some shea butter mix. Believe it or not my hair hasn't been washed in two weeks and I haven't had that dry lifeless feeling yet! I guess the terressentials and shea butter mix are a winner.

in other news, the earrings are from a contest I won from YouTube mommyg05:)
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reminiscing of last years garden and planning this years :)

As the time gets closer for spring/summer gardening I am getting more excited by the day. Here are some pictures from last years garden
IMAG0783-2011-03-10-20-51.jpgAva helping me dig a spot for a flower
peppermint plant, it grew beautifully until i moved it into the house :(IMAG0786-2011-03-10-20-51.jpgIMAG0785-2011-03-10-20-51.jpgIMAG1153-2011-03-10-20-51.jpgthe pumpkin plant that didnt make it

im not sure if the captions will come out right, keeping my fingers crossed

Garden Girl TV: Vertical Gardening One(How to Grow Vertically)

In preparation for my spring gardening, I am looking up garden vloggers on youtube. This year we plan on growing everything we did last year in addition to an apple tree, clemetine tree. Our space isnt huge, so I dont know how we are going to fit all this suff but Jarred is determined. Heres a list of things we will plant

peppermint- done
Lavender- done
aloe vera- done
green, yellow, red peppers
basil- done
peach, apple, cherry trees
asparagus beans (yard long beans)

sheesh! I think thats it, I have some flowers that were planted last year, but I forgot the name. I am excited to see if it comes up. I will take pictures/video on the next nice day we have :)

I forgot to mention, how ironic that the first video i watched related to gardening was not onl a great video but shes a "curly girl" lol I know the dweebism is really showing

terressentials twist

This is a close up of my two strand twist. My hair was washed 2 days ago with the lavender mud wash, I then added my shea butter mix. My hair is ridiculously soft and I can't wait to debut my twist out this weekend. I am so excited to be able to use such simple products for my already simple routine :)
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Terressentials Mud wash shampoo

I used this shampoo last night and have nothing but great things to say about it. I ordered the lavender kind in a 20oz bottle, it was $20 and $8 for shipping. When I first smelled it, I was kinda suprised. I had heard that it had a lovely smell, but I thought the smell was kinda intense, almost like a strong perfume. It didnt smell bad, it was just a strong smell lol.

I applied the shampoo to my hair that was in small two strand twist,  I put my twist in 12 braids. I must say it was kinda difficult to apply, I tried using just my hands but felt like I was wasting so much, next I used a baby sized brush. This didnt work to well either. Finally, I began dipping each braided section in the wash mixture. After I saturated each braid, I poured the remainder on my scalp and then massaged it in. To rinse it out, I just hopped in the shower and ran my head under the water.

While washing, my hair felt "minty" it felt like I had toothpaste in my hair, almost like a "cool burn" sensation. Im not sure what that was about, but I rinsed a second time because I thought I didnt rinse well. That minty sensation eased up and was gone by the morning.

Now, the best part. This stuff left my hair feeling so so soft. It felt like I pre-pooed, deep conditioned, sealed and all, lol. but is was just the shampoo. I didnt apply anything to my hair after because I wanted to see if the shampoo alone would keep my hair feeling soft and moisturized once it dried. In the morning , my hair still felt great :)

The website refers to "detoxing" your hair. I dont think I will have to because, during and after the wash my hair didnt feel sticky like the site said it may. Granted, I hadnt been using too many chemicals, so the wash didnt have much chemical/plastics to remove from my hair.

Overall this mud wash gets a 10/10! I cant keep my hands out of my hair lol. I am tempted to take my twist out and do another was tonight..... just for fun lol

anyways, heres a link to the site terressentials.com and for more reviews naptural85 of youtube has 2 videos on it

I will post a video soon of either my application or just my rambling and pics of my hair after the wash!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

hair with bee mine curly butter and shea butter mix

It has been a long time of trying products for my kids hair. I ordered bee mine curly butter and daily moisture spray and received it a couple days ago. For my son, I washed his hair with breck ($ store) shampoo/ conditioner then I detangle with the tangle teezer and bee mine curly butter. His hair instantly felt and looked great. His little curls were soft and defined.the picture is second day hair for him, which we are normally not able to get.

For my daughter I just added the bee mine curly butter to her dry hair and detangled to put her hair in a puff. Her results were ok. I will have to try it again when her hair is freshly washed with nothing on it.

Later on in the day, we made a shea butter mix (unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil) It only took about 10 minutes to do and the results were great. We tried it out in our hair and skin and it made both feel like velvet.

Once my terressentials mud wash shampoo arrives, I will finally be able to start my new and improved regimen. I am so excited and hope to see great results in my hair and m kids hair :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

products, products, products!

i have a serious problem lol. I have ordered quite a few products over the last few weeks.  I ordered my tangle teezer, bee mine products, and terressential hair wash. My hair wash comes monday! I cant wait for it.

I didnt just order these things "just because" I am on a serious mission to simplifly my hair products and find some products that will allow me to feel comfertable wearing "out"styles. I dont wear "out" styles too often because my hair never feels soft or fluffy enough and its also lacking movement. I assume, its the products that are just not working for my hair.

ok, i am too sleepy to go on lol. i will be posting a more deailed video of my recent purchases as soon as my terressentials arrives!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Aloe vera juice

I made aloe vera juice! I plan to use it in a mix for daily spritzing. the first night i used it my hair felt moisturized through the night and into the next day. tonight I will be adding my AB herbal oil and some water to it, to see if I get better results. will report back :)

my twist and ny sons Orange/brown hair

Random pic from this am. Idk where my son gets his hair color from lol. he also has a natural mohawk which isnt really seen well in this pic
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this weeks twist and aloe vera

I decided to twist this time around with ORS twist n lock gel. As I have stated before i have been having problems keeping my hair soft n moisterized...... on to the aloe vera

For the sake of boredom, curiosity, and the little scientist in me, I decided o extract some aloe vera gel from my plant and spritz my hair with it. I must say it felt lovely on my hands, when I put it in my hair at first it felt sticky and dry, but as I rubbed it in it began to make my hair feel really soft. I'm excited to see the results in the morning. I also twisted large sections of my hair and kinda pincurled it tonight for tonmorows style. I am hoping I will have some length and a nice curl to my twist . Oh yeah I have a video of my aloe vera extraction, will upload soon :) all for now!
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