Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Im in love with a dress

Went shopping monday looking for a dress to wear to my husbands cousins wedding. While at JCP, I walked past the most awesome maxi dress a girl could ever dream of! I tried it on and instantly felt “fabulous” lol Of course I had to get it, there was also a different print of the same dress and that had my name all over it. This dress fits me perfectly! I think I got an xsmall, it fits where it needs to and isn’t to long. the material feels light and comfortable. THe print is lovely and just fits so nicely with my hair :) Speaking of hair, this style is a braidout or “plait out”. I did it a couple days ago and I love it. I should go now, as I am supposed to be packing. We leave for South Carolina thursday morning. I am working tomorrow so, i don’t have much time, lol. I not only have to pack my things, I have to pack my kids as well. Lol Im such a slacker!IMAG2915-2011-05-31-22-20.jpg

Friday, May 27, 2011

It happens to every nurse....

and today was my turn. 3 years since i have been a nurse and I had my first pt fall today :( Thank goodness the pt was ok. I would get into the story but I dont want to violate confidentialiyy. basically this BB (pt) was very drowsy and I had just checked  them out to see if BB was ready to go back to his room. sHe was drowsy, but answered my questions appropriately so I left to go requset transport and write a note. In less than 5-10 minutes I was back in the room because I seen she had come off the EKG. I found her sitting on the floor. she was ok and I went through the whole policy for falls.

Suprisngly, usually when something happens like this I feel bad and feel like it was all my fault. But in this case I really wasn't totally at fault, it was just something that happened. I am upset that one of my coworkers was standing right out side the room and walked past mulitple times then tells me after the fall "oh i seen her sitting up on the end of the bed" Im thinking why didnt you do or say something? this was the same coworker who had witnessed how drowsy BB was so she knew she had no business sitting up.

Anyways, a lesson learned :(

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My week so far

As I mentioned before, I put small twist in my hair in hopes of growing locs. I have been obsessivley researching youtube, nappturality.com, and bloggers with locs. I have my up n down moments about continuing. My main concern is getting through the “ugly” stage of locs and worried that with my hair being so thick, my small twist may become thick fat locs...... which I dont want. I want my locs to be about the size of a pen or smaller. I am also worried about maintence, so people say that palm-twisting (which i plan to do) doesnt last long and if you get your hair wet, all the hard work is undone..... whats a girl to do? Ive looked up “interlocking” or “latching” but I do not have that kind of time or patience for that. I do love how neat locs look that are latched, and the long lasting effect is tempting. Overall, I am at least hanging in there until next month. lol right now my hair looks great, its just regular twist. I havent done much to it at all. I didnt add any product yet as I am trying to loc. Today i placed my hair in a “sock bun”, only I used a large scrunchi and just pinned the hair as one would using a sock
IMAG2586-2011-05-26-23-34.jpg Lastly, here I am chilling in my yard. lol I was in deep thought about my “locs”. IMAG2612-2011-05-26-23-34.jpg

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loc Inspiration

I have seen so many beautiful locs over the past few days but this one stands out! Her hair is fabulous and everything that I want for my hair lol. I love this length, size of parts/locs, the shine, and the style! Simply fabulous!!!!!!!!!

I sure hope this photo is sited properly. I am using my blogsy app on my iPad. I just dragged the photo into my post. I got this photo from newhairnet.com by typing in google search " loc journey" it was the first result

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I know this will be a shocker for most, because I dont think I have ever mentioned this but...... I had/have a serious obsession/ love for locs. It has grown stronger over the past few days and today I decided to give it a go. I am not 100% sure this is what I want but I want it enough to give it a try.
I spent this day two strand twisting my hair, I did the twist smaller than I ever had and I used a comb for parting(something I never do) I told my husband yesterday that I was thinking about getting locs and he smiled and said " I knew you would eventually" he thought that my whole " natural" journey was to loc my hair, lol. That wasn't my intention, but I am glad he was accepting. As I write this I am trying to think of reasons that I don't want locs and there aren't many. I am happy I took the first step in the process. I know y'all prob think I'm crazy and am going in to the blindly but I have spent hours over the past few days stalking youtube loc wearers and bloggers. Even before I decided to loc I had been subscribed to a few ladies with locs.
Basically I want my hair locked because I think it's the best decision regarding hair for my lifestyle. I hate detangling and combing my hair even thought has gotten easier. I also love twist, as you can see that was the main style I wore. Even though I love twist outs , wash n gos, buns, and such I just don't have the patience for it. Yes it looks pretty, but I feel like you still have to style it everyday and I don't want to do that. I also don't like to worry about my hair getting ruined if it rains or if it's humid. This is one of the reasons I went natural! I just want to get up and go and if throughout the day I experience crazy weather, I won't have to worry about my hair.
I'm so excited for what's to come, I can't wait to see how long it takes my hair to loc, im hoping less than 6 months. I really hope to see some awesome growth, I really think my hair is secretly thanking me :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Nappy Hair runs in my Family" tshirt

This cool shirt arrived yesterday! I was so excited. I originally seen it on http://www.naturallyobsessed.net/ I ordered it I think a week ago, and thought it would take a while to arrive because the site says "allow 5-7"days for shipping. The website to order is http://knotsandlocs.bigcartel.com/ I think you can only pay using paypal, which I enjoyed.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Rainy Day Photo Shoot

Of the garden of course!
Ava enjoying a freshly picked strawberry


P1020381-2011-05-19-18-39.JPGP1020389-2011-05-19-18-39.JPGJk having his strawberry


A waterproof camera, natural hair and the rain made a perfect photo shoot. I didnt want to be out in the rain, but of course 5 minutes after walking outside it started. I had already started taking my photos and at first I panicked. lol Then I thought about it, my hair wont get ruined by the rain and I have a waterproof camera! Needless to say... the show went on :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another one

I totally apologize for the random weird post. I was trying a blogging app for my new ipad. This picture was taken the day that I got it. Jarred suprised me... sorta, lol I knew he was going to get it. He had worked nightshift the day before and the morning he got off, he came home grabbed Jk and off they went. This was great for two reasons, 1. i got my ipad and 2 i got to spend some time with ava. Ava misses the days when we could have tea parties all day and such. 
 Anyways,  my hair is in large twist from last weeks wash. I have just kept them pinned up. I am beginning to enjoy this style over smaller twist. It literally takes about 30 minutes to twist, pin them up in 2 minutes, add a cute accessory and you are done. I also like styles that show off my face. Lol that sounds vain. Heres a few more pics of the style :)


Testing blah blah blah

Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPad 2

Hey guys! Posting from my new ipad2!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

we're talking 5 week hair here!

This is a twist out from my twist that were in for 4Weeks! I washed once while in twist halfway through. I took the twist out Friday night planning to wash and restyle but when I seen the potential..... I decided to go with it for another week. I'm sure detangling isnt going to be fun, but at least I have enjoyed good hair and minimal maintenance:) good times and by the way. Happy Mothers Day!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Twist are a month old now!

Between a tremendous amount of family drama/stress, gardening, and my usual day to day life, I have had no time for hair. I am so glad I out these twist in when I did and am thankful that they are lasting. For maintence:
I have been allowing them to get wet in the shower each day, then I add sweet almond oil.
I retwisted the nape area to keep them “neat looking.
I have washed them once and they held up pretty good. I am happy to report that I havent had to play with my ends to keep them curly. My hair is finally to the point where almost every twist is curling on its own just the way I like it. I have also tried a few styles which has kept my hair interesting. Enough rap, heres the pics lol