Monday, January 31, 2011


I have been and may still be away for awhile. A very close friend of mine is going through a difficult time. The picture above of from a wknd I went to visit her. I haven't had the interest to blog as I can't get her off my mind. When tragedies occur we sometimes can only focus on the things that matter most.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My keyboard

so, i just like this picture! lol this was last night after practicing kay perrys firework

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twist Style

The other day I was playing around with my hair. I was trying to find a cute updo, that didnt require too many bobby pins and one that would look nice without accessories. This style was perfect and easy, my hair is just rolled around to the side and then pinned into a bun. I added a flower just becase, but this still looks ok with the flower.

I am also wearing make-up in these pics. its not much at all, my friend Tiffany did it. I didnt want to look like a celebrity or anything, just everyday me with a lttle glam :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Extraordinary larynx transplant restores voice to California woman

I thought this was exceptionally cool! 18 hours in the operating room. I didnt even know layrnx transplants were done!


My kids this morning!

I also wanted to share that my husband was making recommendations for natural hair resources. He said some of his coworkers were talking about going natural and were looking to magazines for inspiration. He told them that I was natural shared ny blog and YouTube. He also recommended lol I was so proud when he told me this:)

Lastly, while picking ava up from school I heard some of the caucasion moms talking about a 5 year old girl who got a blow dryer for Christmas. The mother blow dryed her shoulder lenght curly hair to reveal almost waist length straight hair. Of course now the little girl wants her hair straightened every morning. Lol shame shame, hopefully this girls mom will not conform and have the poor girl addicted to straightening her hair
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd trim

so I gave in... I had to wash my hair, it was so dry and lifeless. I carefully detangled my whole head while taking the twist out, then i wet my hair and "dry" detangled before I washed it. I lost a lot of hair detangling, but I expected this being as though i didnt wash and detangle in almost a month. I also trimmed my hair, I am getting so sick of those stringy heat damaged ends! Right now, my hair is in large twist. I will retwist tommorow after it dries overnight. I plan on using my shea moisture curl smoothie. Im changing my challenge up a little, but still will stick to it. I also need to do another length check because i trimmed at least an inch off in the front. I went from hair well past my chin, now only to my lips :(

ok, be back tommorow or in the next few days with pics of my twist!

now onto part two of my challenge

I am still in my twist that were originally put jb around Christmas. So far, I have washed once and retwisted just about my entire hair feels ok, but I'm thinking I may need to take them out and wash then retwisted. I have been reading so many reviews on shea moisture thats making me want to pull mine out and give it another try. The other part of me however, wants to stick to my guns.... I'm torn lol anyways, I have really been thinking hard about cutting all of my heat damaged ends off. It would make my hair drastically uneven but I am so sick of strings ends. At the sane time I'm confused because when I wash ny hair All of it curls! Once its twisted and then stretched some of my ends just get none straight. They are also pretty thin. Once again I am torn.(sigh) literally lol. I don't know what to do, its been over six months and I see hardly any improvement. I have been trimming the damage off slowly but I just want to be done with it already........

Ok enough babbling, ny hair in this pic is just pulled back and up using bobby pins and a goody clip and headland. It's a simple look but inspires by kimmaytubes recent video. I am such a fan of simple hair :)
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wash #1

So I washed my twist a few days ago. I twisted sections and secured with an elastic band. I misted my hair with conditioner and water and then rinsed. Once my hair was almost dry I added cantu shea butter and Africa best oil. My hair did shrink considerably but after having it in big twist for a few hours allowed it to stretch. I retwisted some parts of my hair and found that my hair was not tangled! I am very pleased with my twist challenge so far :)
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Friday, January 7, 2011


Im still twisted :) Still moisturizing with cantu and africa’s best, they are both working well. I think my twist look ok, my hair hasnt been washed in almost a month now. I should have washed it this weekend but I am not going to because I just redid my twist last week. Instead, I will wash next weekend. Heres my styles during the week...all 2 lol

Sunday, January 2, 2011

100% Twisted Challenge!

This will be a personal challenge of mine (but all are welcome :)) I have decided after retwisting my hair today, that I am gonna try a low manipulations routine. I’m sure I can find a way to wash my hair while twisted and hopefully not experience too much tangling. Heres my plan:

-Keep hair in two strand twist for 1 month at a time. I will retwist on the same hair every 2 weeks or as needed.
-I plan on washing my hair while twisted. I will braid it in sections and just lightly massage my scalp, I will leave the braids in until my hair dries and retwist/detangle after a couple days of moisturizing
-I will be moisturizing my hair daily or as needed with African Best Herbal Oil and Cantu Shea butter. I recently did this on two week old twist and it worked wonders~
-finally, i will try to keep my hair pinned up. I style my twist just about everyday. SMH,mainly because I like to play in my hair lol

I thought of this challenge after retwisting 2 week old twist. The day before I retwisted I moistened my hair with a conditioner/oil/water mix, added some shea butter and a little more oil and then started retwisting. My hair was so soft and virtually tangle free! I retwisted my whole head over two days, just doing small sections when I felt like it lol. I have been thinking a lot of “keeping it simple” , going back to basics and about people with locs. The folks with locs have such amazing growth because they arent fussing with their hair every week. (i guess :)) I also have been thinking to the good old days when, my mom did my hair as a kid. It was usaully washed/braided every two weeks or so, and my hair was heading down my back (until I begged her for a perm smh) Anyways, I am convinced that if i just leave my hair alone for a few months, I will see some growth :)

I hope that I can retain some length and actually see some growth from this. I am aiming to keep this routine up until March! Wish me luck and/or join me if you like!

Heres a pic of my retwisted hair! My hair hasnt been washed in 2 weeks now, but its not dirty. it soft, moisturized, and smells good!Photoon2011-01-02at20.502-2011-01-2-20-54.jpg

If anyone is interested in joining, please just say so in a reply. I will start a thread on the Challenge Section. I will also have a tag for this on my blog, and you guys can follow through blogger. the link to my blog is my siggy :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

black eye peas, collard greens, fried chicken!

Happy New Years!!!!! I'm sure this dish is not a suprise to many. This is the traditional black families New Years meal ( at least for my family) I can remember every year my mom made this meal. I was the only kid out of 5 of us that ate it. lol. this is my first year making it all by myself and I did a pretty good job! My kids and and husband didn't eat it but I knew they wouldn't. I enjoyed it because I am following the footsteps of my mother, my late grandma, and great grandmother( still living!)
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