Sunday, May 20, 2012

My weekend in pictures

Nothing to special, just basically enjoying everyday life :)

A little backwards.... But Sunday jarred and I went to an open house for new constructions homes. I pray that things go our way. Jarred is in love with this house and we have been looking for it for awhile now. He works so hard and really doesn't ever want anything but his dream house.... I have a feeling his hard work will pay off. He surely deserves it :)


Random retwist before the open house
While Ava spent the weekend with my mom and jarred worked, Jk and I hung out


I played in my hair a lot this weekend lol

Finally Sunday evening the princess returned home :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Make Shampoo From the Aloe Vera Plant | Garden Guides

How to Make Shampoo From the Aloe Vera Plant | Garden Guides

I tried this the other day and fell in love! I had to improvise because I didn't have glycerin and didn't want to use vegetable oil. I used Dr. bonners castile soap and olive oil instead of the oils mentioned in the article. It left my hair feeling soft, clean, and had a nice smell. I retwisted afterwards, I only added jojoba oil after shampooing.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I've got my own "fifty"


Im sure everyone has heard of the book series "fifty shades of grey" I read the entire series up until the last chapter of the third book. I just got bored, lol. Anyways, you know how they say " you never miss a good thing till its gone" this book had me thinking this way. The more I read, the more I realized how good I have it. Of course everyone was raving about the sex scenes and all, but that's not what kept me interested. I loved the "love story" of it. I loved the kind of man Christian was. It reminded me of my husband.

Even without all the millions, he has always been a great provider and has spoiled me since day one.

I loved that book because a lot of it felt familiar to me. I am one of the lucky ladies that when discussing the book doesnt have to say " I wish I could find my Christian"

Not trying to be all "shantes got a man" lol but........ It is what it is. I'm a lucky girl and lastly......those sex scenes weren't too foreign lol

It was a good read, all three books!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two strand twisted locs!

Right before leaving for Disney, I decided to do two strand twist on my locs. I seem a few ladies on YouTube and Instagram have great results, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I washed my hair and then did the twist without product and secured the ends with rubber bands. I loved the results so much, that I left the twist in the entire week I was in Disney!


The twist out,I did t like as much but I, still wearing it until I feel like washing my hair



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All white Disney wedding!

My $30 white dress really came in handy! I got to wear it twice and it's still I good condition lol. Anyways, Jarred's sister celebrated ten years of marriage by having an out of this world Disney wedding.

The ceremony took place inside Magic Kingdom and the castle was back drop of course. We had the park all to ourselves for a hour. Granted,we had to be up and out of our hotel room by 6:15, but it was totally worth it.

There was a quick intermission following the ceremony and before the reception. We were served yogurt parfaits and coffee, tea,etc

The reception was amazing! We had a breakfast buffet with omelet station. Mickey and Minnie made a grand entrance toward the end, and of course we danced, danced, and danced some more. I honestly forgot that we were partying at 10am lol.

The last event of the day was fireworks and desert party on a yacht. Unfortunately, we could attend because our kids were exhausted and asleep by 830pm when it took place.

What a special day, and she looked amazing! I was so glad to have been there, it was truly a beautiful, out of this world wedding. If you didnt know, Disney does everything better!!!! It was amazing




Perfectly Princess Tea Party

Ava and I had the experience that she and I will remember forever. We attended a tea party at Disneys Grand Floridian resort. This was a pricey event close to $300 but it was totally worth it! Ava was so happy that it almost made me cry tears of joy.

The tea party started with each princess being greeted by "Rose Petal" a character that hosted the tea party.

Ava was served apple juice in a tea pot along with jelly sandwiches, turkey sandwich, and fruit. I was served curry chicken salad ,seafood salad, and egg salad sanwiches along with fruit,cheeses, and bread. I had regular black tea. The sandwiches weren't whole, it was half sandwiches cut again in half.

Princess Aurora showed at the end of the party after Rose Petal told stories and sang songs. Princess Aurora and Rose Petal came around to each little girl and took pictures.

Of course cake was served at the end. The girls who were celebrating a birthday got to tell everyone how old they were and then we sang happy birthday:)

Also included was a princess aurora doll, bracelet. Tiara, fresh rose, and a certificate lol

It was a wonderful experience and it inspired me to buy us a little porcelain tea set. We plan on having frequent tea parties:)