Monday, October 31, 2011

Disney's Animal Kingdom Wildlife Treated to Pumpkins for Halloween

Love it!

Happy Halloween!

Untitled by tiffany621
Untitled, a photo by tiffany621 on Flickr.

Gonzo, Alice in wonderland,Peter Pan and Princess Mulan :)

Preschool Pumpkin Party

Last night I attempted to make brownies for Avas school party. I'm no baker but I'm also not an amateur, however I seemed to ruin the first set of brownies :(
Lol this bought me a ticket to waking up early to make another batch which came out perfect!

Ava and Jk really enjoyed the party, Jk ran around like crazy and Ava and the other children performed their songs for the parents. I didnt take many pics cuz I was too busy policing Jk. Lol

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jamaica- arrival day

It was an early start, our flight was scheduled to leave at 6 am. We landed safely around 8( jamaican time)

We made it to the hotel around 9 and I was in shock... Not the good kind though lol. We didn't know we were visiting during Jamaicas independence day so it was packed. It was super crowded and there was a line to enter the restaurant. The spoiled Tiffany came out, I wanted to upgrade our room to the Lady Hamilton suite. I wanted to be able to order room service, have a jacuzi and have exclusive restaurants.. I thought I was back in Mexico at the royal suites, lol. Anyways, I calmed down shortly after the rest of the party arrived. We headed straight to the sports bar for drinks!

The day actually ended at the sports bar. we had a great first day! I learned quick that rum punch is not a joke! Lol

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Untitled by tiffany621
Untitled, a photo by tiffany621 on Flickr.

LOVE this bag! I think its an instant cool piece, lol

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Instant cool peice…..swimwear

So this is a swimsuit cover up I ordered from Macys. I wanted a “grown up” cover up and of course it needed to be fabulous. Its sheer but, thats just fine with me :)


Since these are Jamaica pics, I will share a little bit about the day I had this on. The beach pics were taken right before we did some very light snorkeling. We snorkeled right on the resort which was convenient but not anything to brag about. The water wasn’t super clear, but at least we seen some fish and the water was very warm. It wasn’t crowded at all which was also a plus.

The shark pic is from another day when we went on a Catamaran Cruise. It was taken at the legendary Margarittaville. These things deserve their own post, so I will discuss on another day.

Lastly, I am also testing out flickr. I finally got fed up with google picasa and am giving flickr a try. I hope I won’t be disappointed

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kumquat Tree

I just had to a couple pictures. Jarred is like a kid on Christmas because he got his precious kumquat tree today.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jamaica Jamaica!

Was awesome!!!! It's probably gonna take a week of post at least to cover all of my vacation. We stayed at grand Pallidium in Lucea, Jamaica. We ziplined, swam with dolphins, dunns river, catamaran tour and of course my sisters vow renewal! I can't decide where I want to start first, lol

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life's good:)

This morning I woke up so worried. I had an 830 app to get my hair retwisted for the first time and had to be at work at 11, I also had to drop my kids off first.

I was also worried because Ava will miss dance on Monday since we will be in Jamaica. She's supposed to get measured for her recital costume that day. I had emailed her teacher last night and was waiting for a response as to when she could be measured. She emailed me back this am while I was getting my hair twisted:) no worries Ava will be meausresd the following week!

As I sit under the dryer waiting for my hair to dry, I am so thankful that everything worked out. I'm sure my hair will look great, I loved the loctician, and Ava will get her costume. I don't even care anymore that I have to work today and tommorow. Lol in this moment everything is right! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Testing "album app" for iPad

Details to follow

My princess wants hair like mine!

last week I decided to put individual braids in my daughters hair.... For a few reasons.  I didn't really like how it looked down, but the other day she insisted she have hair like mine. I added a little water and shea butter to her braids and gave her a headband. 3 days later, girlfriend is still whipping her hair around loving it. This is so special to me because she has never really liked my locs/ twist. She would always prefer a straight long style. Now my princess has watched me wear locs and she must have noticed the beauty because she wants the same. I feel so blessed that I am able to have my very self aware girl love her hair in a very simple state. She knows shes beautiful with or without barrettes, clips, and accessories. No longer does she ask for ponytails or straight hair because she can now appreciate her natural hair :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

YAY!!!!! 50 followers!

i feel so important, lol. really i do. i appreciate you all and hope that my blog helps in some way. I dont know why but ive been waiting to see 50 followers for awhile, its a cool number to me. Im not sure what you guys are reading about here mainly since I can be pretty randomn. I will say I am by no means trying to become like some of the major bloggers. I dont have the time to do as well as others, but I do enjoy what I do. Anyways, if there is something anyone wants me to post more on, I will take a stab at it :)

Thanks again,

sorry this isnt a jazzy post, I was just checking my blog, seen 50 and had to say something :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

No, this is not an outfit of the day

And i won't start that. Lol. Anyways my best man George and I have decided that we need to be fabulous at all times. I've been trying every since I became a mom, to actually dress like one. Well like a cool hip n happening mom lol. Anyways, I am revamping my closet, getting rid of all my nonsense and shopping for greatness. I need to get myself together lol.

I started to wear this with a black shirt underneath, but decided it gave it too much of an evening look. I was headed to a baby shower :)

I think the sweater is an "instant cool price"  although I didn't rock it as well as I could.

FOllow up on social media clean up

SO, Ive been thinking since my last post I am really gonna take my "clean up" seriously. Im considereing deleting most of my youtube videos for a few reasons:
1. Im not all that interesting, lol but seriously. I dont have that much to talk about or display. Neither do I have to time/desire to do nice editing and "perform". Its just not me. I;d rather focus on something that I really like to do
2.Ive decided that you shouldnt put anything on the internet you dont want EVERYONE to see. I dont know if I want my coworkers to stumble upon my hair videos, lol for many reasons. I dont even realy share my page with family. Its literally just my natural hair community :)
3. I sometimes think its a little creepy to not know whos watching you. I guess this goes with blogging and facebook too, but it seems super personal when you are making videos. I sometimes wonder if its just a bunch of weircdos out there watching videos for crazy reasons.....

Anyways, I plan on stepping my blog game up. I enjoy blogging a lot more than youtube so I think this is what I will stick yoo. As far as youtube, I will most likely take down the majority of my videos. I will continue to upload but it will be random stuff like gardening, vacation videos, and slideshows. Im kinda "camera shy" anyway lol