Sunday, September 7, 2008

my ring

is more beautiful and soo much cooler than i could have ever expected. i am gonna have to buy diamond earings and a better looking necklace to accomadate my beautiful ring. lol i am also gonna have to start keeping prettier hands. good job jarred, love ya\\

wedding bliss


things have worked out well. the date is set, everyhting is paid for, everyone is supportive, and we have a few more guest. only one thing is bothering me, my mom is terrified to fly and she hasnt had an identity in years. we thought she sent away her application for her id months ago, but she just admitted she only sent for it about 2 weeks ago. so now i am a little stressed thinking with the recent divorce and name change it may be a problem. we are planning on getting her a passport incase we cant get the id. i am also bothered that i havent seen or spoken to khalil in a month or so. he is the youbngest and he is living with some lady who takes in street boys. i dont know what he has been up too, and why he moved out but it really bothers me. hopefully after the wedding/vacation he will find his way back home.

anyhow, i have my dress and jewelry. i still have to go shopping for me and ava, we need a few moreoutfits. i need to get my dress steamed and find a garment bag/figure out how i am gonna carry it on a plane.....