Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Im a "Dance Mom"!

SO after visiting the open house at I felt comfortable signing Ava up. We met the owner/director who will also be Ava’s teacher. SHe seemed very nice and informative. Ava  will have dance once a week! I cant wait, the school also has a lot of activities and parties throughout the year. The teacher Ms. J said “we are a very social group” When she said that in my head im like “oh no”! I am not social at all, lol but I have to change my evil ways. lol I had to participate in a lot of activities at Ava’s preschool so I should be used to it. Now, my biggest concern was that there would be all white ppl, and that was all I seen yesterday, but oh well. THey seemed ok and the teacher was nice. I have to give it a chance because Ava was so excited and we both felt comfortable. It would be really racist not to send her just because they were all white. Besides, I didn’t see the entire school. They are a pretty busy school with many classes so I may be surprised. Also, there may be tons of mothers who feel the same as me and someone has to break the ice. Ava and I will happily be the “welcoming committee” lol. I am debating whether or not to go out shopping for her costume today. I really want to get it now, but it could wait till saturday since We will all end up at the mall then.cute_ballerina_bear_photosculpture-p153815714924943639qdjh_400.jpg

Monday, August 29, 2011

Random thoughts

I need to discuss two things before it slips my mind.
- Today I had a beautiful family of natural haired ladies. My patient had 3 month old gorgeous locs and both her daughters were natural. mY patient started our little hair convo by asking about my hair. Her face lit up when I told her I was locing. I felt the same and we had a nice little hair talk, made my day lol
- I want to enroll Ava in a dance school. I spent a few hours yesterday researching schools via the web and became very annoyed. Most schools dont represent themselves well at ALL on the web!  I at first wanted to send her to PHILADANCO, a historic well know dance school in philly. I however was turned off by their website as it want very informative, didnt have a email contact person, and wasnt hosting any type of open house. It was just like fill out the app, pay the fees and?????? Most other schools were much smaller, but at least had ok websites. The school I will be going to tomorrow (open house) is in my neighborhood, a few towns over. I thought the website was informative and emailed the director for more info, she got right back to me and invited me for an added open house that hadnt been listed on the site yet. I am very excited for this school because I stalked their facebook page and the parents just seem to love it. My only concern is that its very much predominately white. I dont want my child to be the token black kid. I dont want her to look around and wonder why she doesnt look like everyone else. I know I cant pick the class, and if there arent many kids of color enrolled then there isnt anything I can do. I guess im the one with the issue and thats ok, I want Ava to see the world as it is and its not all white. Im sure she doesnt think like this lol. Anyways, part of my wants to send her regardless, at least to get a feel, because most importanly she wants to dance. She would not care if it were all white kids, black, chinese whatever. I guess as long as the are nice and respect eveyrone, we shouldnt have any problems. Maybe Im just tripping......

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm so serious this is exactly how I've been feeling. I can barely get through this post, lol
I do t even know where to start! I will start with my running training. I have fallen off the wagon BIG time. It all started with my little injury. I took about two weeks off and after my ankles recovered I got back out running last week. I only ran one day though :( this week, I ran once so far even though I really didn't feel like it. I don't feel as good running as I did when I first started though. I have lost major confidence and optimism. But the show must go on, so even if I only make it the track once a week that's way more than I ever had done :)

Ok, the hair....... I retwisted last week and it sucked. I did not feel like it but my hair was a tangled mess. I thought I would be a loyal retwister, but I'm not. I do t mind how my hair looks when it's not freshly twisted. It's either that or pure laziness lol. Anyways, I twisted with ORS twist n loc gel. I was just curious but I shouldn't have wasted my time. I notice no difference in hold, but it did flake on me and my hair is pretty dry in some parts. Oh well, I still won't retwist until at least next week. I will never use anything other than natural stuff to twist, definitely nothing with alcohol in it.

All for now, not much else going on. I hope this lazy bug takes a hike soon lol

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mud run clothes

Just getting around to washing our clothes from the mud run in July. Smh, its awful but hilarious lol
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

ACV rinse and Dr. Bonners

I did a ACV rinse last night followed by washing with Dr.Bonners lavender castile soap. I must say I was very pleased with both. The ACV made my hair really soft and the smell didn't bother me much. It washed out with just water. The Dr.Bonners was nice too, I loved the suds. I had been so used to terressentials, I almost forgot what it felt like lol. Afterwards, I two strand twisted my hair and out the twist in bantu knots for a very curly look! More pics to follow....
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Monday, August 8, 2011

pictures like this

Make me keep on with the locs. I've been having serious loose hair envy lately, damn you naptural85.... just kidding but seriously, I LoVe her Hair! Makes me wanna take down ny twist n forget about locs. But then reality sets in and I remember how much I hated detangling and styling my hair. I had a whole year to experiment with loose natural hair but I always just did twist. While I love the look of wash gos n twist outs, its just too much for me! When my "locs" can look like the above pics smile is on my heart. Lol
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But I cant because of my stupid "injury"! Im so upset with myself, I was only running for a week really but I loved every minute of it. I was so proud of myself. I was so looking forward to each run. I want to just go out and try to run even though Im still in pain but I know that may make things worse. I have been elevating my heels, but havent explored ice or heat. Motrin has been helping a lot too, I just want this thing to heel so I can get back out there and run. Im thinking of trying so heel inserts or getting official running shoes to see if my feet feel better with that. Honestly, I hardly have any pain when I have heels on. But, barefoot walking is unbearable :( whats a girl to do?
I thought about doing yoga while im on break from running, but its not the same. I tried yoga before and its ok, but kinda boring.. It also feels good to be outside. I could take my ipad and a mat and do yoga in my backyard but that would totally creep my neighbors out, lol. It seems like it would be fun though. Theres nothing more peaceful than early morning quietness, its so peaceful. As Ava says "just the sunshine and the birds" lol on that note, Im out

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my hair

It's been awhile since I've made a hair post. I havent doing much with my hair/locs lately. I'm still on the "loc journey" and am loving it. I have my days where I think " do I really want to do this?" Mostly the answer is yes. I have not missed combing or styling loose hair yet! Thought I would be a frequent retwister but I actually like when
I have Afro twist/locs. It makes my hair look very full and braid outs are always fabulous. Gives me the look of loose hair without the fuss!
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Achilles Tendon bummmer!

Remember when I was saying my ankles were hurting? It all started that day I ran on the sidewalk :(, I kept referring to the area in question as my ankles, it wasnt until Jarred asked me to point out what exactly hurt. The I realized oh dear, my achilles! this can be a very, very painful, and stressful injury if it gets worse. I want to complete my second week of C25k, but I think it may be best to take a little break. Its a real bummer because  I had been doing so well and am so proud of my progress. I hope a few days off will be enough and by the weekend I will be able to run again without pain. I have to go out and stock up on ibuprofen, heat/ice packs, and some ankle braces. An official pair of running shoes are also in order. Heres to my healing!