Sunday, November 2, 2008

dream house

I seen it today. jarred had been showing me this house for months but I couldn't appreciate it since I assumed the neighboorhood wasn't all that great. its in germantown and is one of the historical homes. it has a stone exterior, 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, 4 fireplaces. 5000 square feet on over half an acre. its in a beautiful setting, the backyard is almost like a park. the house does need lots of updating. I wasn't excited about the house until I actually seen it. I totally believe that jarred and I will owe it someday or a similar one. I have a great man for a husband and support and believe in him 10001% lol my kepadd messed up but I will leave the number like that. I can picture us in that house and in that neighborhood. I know we ca do it cuz I just think of all the other things I wanted and ended up getting. I never thought I would be an rn married to a resp therapist with the most beautiful amazing lil girl. I also got a job where I wamted and got the exact car that I wanted. I know any and everything is possible through god, faith, an hardwork. I am just writing this so next year when I am in my big beautiful house I can look back and be so ever grateful!

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