Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why did I decide to Loc?

For many reasons just like everyone else I bet. The biggest attraction to locs for me was/is simplicity. I have no interest in combing my hair anymore. lol. Im so serious though. I also love that I can wash my hair whenever I feel like it and not have to worry about “doing it” once Im done. Length retention is a another reason. I know hair can grow in almost any style, but at least for me I don’t think my hair has grown as much as I want it to. I think I haven’t seen the growth because I don’t have the patience for detangling like other naturals do. I have no interest in spending 30mins-1 hr just to get a comb through my hair. When I look back at photos of my hair over the past year, the style seen most is twist. Why? because they are so easy. Most of the time I didn’t even use a comb to install them. They are also so versatile and low maintenance.
I havent realized it until a couple days ago, but I have been natural for 5 years! Most of the time I did my own hair. I was thinking that I am rushing into locking my hair, but when I look back over the years, I spent time playing, learning, and styling my hair. I have always admired locs and wanted my own, but felt very self conscious about getting them. I thought that they would make me look less attractive. SMH at myself big time! lol I cant pinpoint the exact moment or deciding factor that led me to finally loc my hair, but I know its something that I always thought about. Recently, like in the last month I have been watching loc’d youtubers and made the decision after seeing how versatile and beautiful locs are. I also felt like I was getting bored with my “loose” hair. Although, there are so many styling options for natural hair, I just didnt experiement too much. I was always attracted to all weather, low maintence hair. lol Twist and now Locs!


LadeeB said...

I've been 'debating' with myself about loc'n my hair too. I'm just a little worried that I might get bored with them because I love trying different hairstyles with my hair. So needless to say, I'm still thinking and rethinking lol
Congratulations on finally making your mind up :) I understand exactly how you felt lol

thetiffany said...

thanks! it feels great to go on this journey. i wasnt worried at all about boredom because i never really did many other styles besides two strand twist and occasional twist-outs. take your time deciding and when you are ready you will just go for it!