Thursday, April 12, 2012

slacker till i die

Remember just a few weeks ago I was all hype talking about running and working on my awful baby belly? I bought a yoga mat, watched videos, even walked 3 days one week. Then slowly but surely, I stopped everything.... partly because we were just experiencing unusual warm weather then reality set in. But mostly because I am a slacker.

I got disappointed and bored with the exercises for my diastasis recti. It was just so boring and I couldn't tell if I was doing it right, so I just stopped. SMH

Same deal with running/walking, well I mainly stopped this because of time and the weather.

Yoga, I really miss. I only did it for a few days but I loved it. It helped my back so much and it just helped with relaxation. Once I realized how bad my diastasis was, I decided that I should work on my strengthening my ab core first. I really was worried I would make the separation worse.

Now here we are weeks later and I haven't done anything :) I seriously have to get it together. I just don't know where to start. My stomach isNT really bad, but I want it to be much better. I noticed if I avoid diary and gassy foods, my distention isn't bad at all. I have been constant with that. I found and fell in love with almond milk, and finally found soy based cheese :)

Amyways, I should stop complaining and get something done! LOL

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