Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new twist/curl set and maintence

i put my hair in small 2 strand twiist a couple days ago. the first night i just bobby pinned the ends up to sleep. last night i was torn because i had just bought flex rods and wanted to try them but i didnt feel like rollingg my hair or sleeping with rollers lol. so, i flat twisted my hair (vertically) in 6 twist then pincurled the ends. i used shea butter to twist and kinda "set" my hair. this morning i took out the flat twist and was in love. my hair was super curly, not too shrunken and just cute :) this will be my new way of doing a quick twist rod set without the rods lol. seriously, my curls look very similar tto when i rod set my twist. here are some pics!


LadeeB said...

I like that. Very cute. Something I may try on my oldest daughter's hair soon. Thanks for sharing.

thetiffany said...