Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blowout and Trim

I finally did a blow out a few days ago. I was watching innovativethinkin and blessedbyhem o youtube and was inspired to do two strand twist in blown-out hair. I didnt use a heat protectant because i didnt have one, but i properly conditioned. When I was all done with the blowout, my hair was a mess so i decided to trim it. This was my first time doing a full head trim. My hair instantly looked better. Next i put my two strand twist int. heres my hair post blow out and trim

From Drop Box

more pics can be seen in my hair photo gallery

I also uploaded a video on my youtube

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aseason4u2b said...

I saw the pictures on CN and I've loving this blow out!!! Looking good after the trim...kinkynappyhappy