Sunday, November 21, 2010

Semi - wearable twistout

From Drop Box
but not according to Ava, lol. she looked at my hair and asked what was wrong with it. I had just taken my twist out to prepare for washing, but got lazy and walked around the house like this. I didnt like it at first but after playing in it, i thought it was wearable.

in other news, i have been working hard to learn my new keyboard lol. I have spent hours on youtube watching tutorials and watching people play. I do ok, but I am inpatient and want to learn a whole song right away. lol So far i can play the intro to coldplay clocks, happy birthday, a few seconds of coldplay the scientist, and i just learned about 10 seconds of Drakes find your love. I think I am gonna stick with learning Drakes song because its easy and sounds great. I cant really play using both hands yet, but so far drakes song seems the easiest to try.

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