Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goals revisted

Magnet chat
        -remember my recent goals chat??
I said I wanted to become more of a professional. I work in a large teaching hospital, one of the top ten hospitals in the nation, we are a magnet hospital and are currently going through the recertification process. It would make for a very long post if I got into the details lol. Anyways, back to my goal.  I needed to join and actively participate in the various committees at work. I come in one day and was scheduled to attend one of my meetings. I go and sit quietly didn't say a word. I left feeling like the other members probably felt i was "less than' Later in the week, I get an email that the magnet appraisers will be meeting with my committee. I volunteer to meet with them! I am excited and nervous all at once. I know I can speak to the things we have done on my unit, but I have a hard time with public speaking. My manager and coworkers seem to think I can handle it, so if they see potential...why cant I? Well the meeting is 2/7 so we will see how that goes. Back to the point of this cool is it that this opportunity was basically handed to me? Next on  my list, is to work on speaking at my committee meetings. I remember when I was in school I said I would always work on professional development. I wanted to attend conferences, continue reading and learning. Well, I have been out of school for 3 years and I haven't done anything *extra. I am basically a mediocre  nurse at a top ten magnet hospital! WHat is wrong with me? I really need to get it together lol. I plan on applying for advancement and getting my CPAN certification within one year. I have also been looking at completing my masters degree. I need to be more than just average, even though there really isn't anything wrong with me professionally. I however, want to stand out because after all... I am fabulous lol

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pinklady22 said...

I understand what you mean which is why I decided to pursue another degree.