Sunday, February 5, 2012

Onions and Garlic 2012

I am so excited to be doing this post! I had just returned home from target and decided to take a look around the backyard. To mu surprise I have a few onions growing! I first noticed it last week but though it was weeds because the leaf didn’t smell like onion. Today I decided to take a closer look and tried to pull the plant up, when I felt resistance I knew it wasn’t a weed :) Soon after pulling I ripped part of the leaf that didn’t smell and soon seen fresh greens that lit my nose up, I knew then I had onions. Theres also a few smaller ones growing, I think like 4 total. Since I was so excited/inspired I decided to add a little more soil and plants new onion bulbs. I planted 4 or 5.

Last year I had onion and garlic in this same pot, I let the plant flower before pulling. I assume some seeds fell in the soil and once the temperatures warmed a little it sprouted?


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