Sunday, August 29, 2010

finally got my EVO back!!!!!

ive been MIA for a week or so, but much hasnt changed except i finally got my EVO back!!!!! as for hair, i tried a style i seen on prettydimples 01 youtube. it came out nice i think. but i want to redo it and make my flat twist smaller and possible blow my hair out before twisting. i just think this style will look a little better with my length. speaking of lenth...... oh how i miss my straight hair. i was looking back at pics and i miss it. it was always "blinging", trimmed, full, and just pretty. i am still holding out on pressing until at least october. my origianl goal was september, but septmeber is almost here. we are going on a cruise mid sept, so it would kinda be a waste to press and then worry about my hair on the cruise.... but i may change my mind :)

ok enough rambling, im taking off for now as my little busy bodies are doing what they do best :)

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