Wednesday, August 18, 2010

life, work, hair, nursing

this will probably end up being a very long post. i have to make my semi annual goal/to do list and since my phone is outta commision:( i will use this. well lets start with hair

Hair goals
its been 2.5 months since i pressed my hair, my short time goal was to make it to september which i dont think will be a problem. i will probably get my hair pressed and trimmed around November/December
-color, for years i have been contemplating so hair color. however, i have always beena plain jane and dont do much with my hair. for years its been the standard press n curl, but since trying alll these natural styles i have a new found confidence and "braveness" lol. i love my hair more than ever and its time for some color! i dont know what the color will be, i will most likely do highlights because i cant do something to dramatic :)
-visit a natural hair salon. i have a few on my radar list. shes #1 on my list. i love her wash n go! shes only about 1.5hrs away from me n NJ but i think it will be worth the drive. she also has a spa and she holds zumba classes. if i go, i will try to make a day out of it. i first need to get over my fear of driving over bridges and going thru toll booths smh

- HAs been awful laetly, my manager is public enemy #1. i love my job and my coworkers and really dont want to work anywhere else, but my manager has no respect for us as nurses. he speaks to us like we are slaves/losers. so much has changed since he has been our manager, hardly any for the better. i could go on and on about him, but i will just say that i have to update my resume and at least explore other options if things dont get better. i have no idea what i would want to do though :(
-certification, i will bee taking my CPAN in novemember! this is a certification for perioperative nurses! i have been a nurse there for almost 3 years... crazy. when i was in school i alwasy said in my professional life i will always seek out education oppurtunites, aattend conferences, blah, blah, blah, but i havent so i plan on fixiing that :)


- i would like for jarred and i to go on dates lol. we have to start setting aside time to just spend with each other. we are going to hawaii in april 2011 sans kiddos. but until then i think we should at least have a date night once/month or every 2 months
-exercise jarred bought me a wii fit last decemeber because i said i wanted to do yoga and stuff. iplayed with it for maybe the first month but havent touched it since january or something smh, i have to get back into that
-friends/family i need to spend more time with them. i would like all my siblings to get togwether every month either at my house, moms, sisters and have a sunday dinner. growing up my mom always made snday dinner and now that all of us are grown and most living on our own i miss that and im sure my mom does.... so we have to do it at least every month. as for my friend, i would like to see them at least once a month too. maybe for shopping, lunch... anything!
nutrition- i have serious GI issues, which i think is mainly related to my diet, ineed to eat much better and cook more often
house- GET ORGANIZED~~~~~ i need to get rid of so much things we dont use anymore. i also want to redo our bedroom and the dinning room. the dinning room jsut needs furniture. i would love to "update" the bathrooms as well. for the living room/rec room they need serious organization and style too
sheesh! i have a lot of work ahead of me lol. i love making list though, because its very rewarding when you look back and see how much you have accomplished


Loving Me ♥ said...

Good Look on your goals. Looks like we have some of the same. hair.. fitness.. Im not sur what GI stood for and getting organized.. But I am sure you will do well with them.

Date nights sound fun also..

thetiffany said...

thanks! i have been doing this for years lol im a little bit of a geek.

GI- stand for gastrointestinal as in stomch (this is the nurse in me) im have seriouss stomach issues and i think most of it is related to my eating habits

the getting organized refers to my super cluttered house.

natty said...

I love that pic at the top LOL!!

Why didn't I know you had kids? I want a date night too but it seems like we only do that with his colleagues. It's fun, but it's not really a date. Maybe this year.

Right now we just moved in so we did a heavy purge. Not much to organize really so I'm glad! But now that I am employed again, I have to be sure not to mess that all up, lol!

Thanks again for visiting me! I'll be back again!

thetiffany said...

i have 2 kids natty, they are mentioned in the about me section. lol we moved in our house a year ago but unfortunately took a lot of unnecessary crap with us that is still unpacked smh. one day i will get to it... one day

o and i love your blog, im following :)