Monday, August 9, 2010

flat twist!

one of many things i need to blogg about is my flat twist! this is my first time doing them and i am no where near good yet, but im gonna wear it :) the front is flat twisted and the back two strand, all of the twist are on rollers. hopefully it looks ok in the am.

i did a litte trimming to my hair last night, i had bought shears a couple days ago and was itching to use them. i had just twisted my hair and was so annoyed by my frizzy stringy ends so i snipped a few. when i did it looked to fresh and still didnt curl so i was seriously annoyed and just put the shears away :( my plan is now to just wait until september or october and have my hair trimmed professionally.

i finally found the shea moisture products at target! i was so suprised when i got there because there was also miss jessies shampoos, culry merigne, and KC come clean, a few jane carter products also.. i was torn between the shea moisture curl smoothie and miss jess curly merigne, butt i ended up getting the shea moisture. i also got their styyle milk :)

laslty, because this post is probably super boring lol. i have been noticing so many natural ladies and i am loving it!in the supermarket i seen about 4 ladies, one ladie stood out because she had the neatest locs and the ends were curly like she had twisted them. i loved it.

i think thats all for now... later :)

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