Monday, October 18, 2010

keeping with the twist

I am currently in a challenge over at I'm supposed to keep my hair in 2strand twist m-f. Iove twist but sometimes get bored with them and sometimes I just want to try the "out styles". Yesterday I tried a braidout with KCCC but was to lazy to allow it to dry, I say under my conair dryer for about 30 minutes then tried air drying for an hour or so. I was to impatient and just started twisting with my hair about 70% dry. I didn't use any product since I had the kccc and knot today. I did small twist which came out pretty nice. When I was all done I spritz with water,leave in, and jojoba oil. My hair curled up nicely and I was a happy camper.

I plan on sticking with this challenge at least until December. I want to see some growth but more than that I want my hair to stay healthy and continue to just learn my hair. I'm not very good with "out styles" but I am with twist. I figure why try to fix something that isn't broke lol
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Dee O. said...

I absolutely love your hair! Your twists look beautiful :)


thetiffany said...

thanks :)