Friday, October 29, 2010

the lap chole that didnt make it out of the OR :(

 I usually don't post too much about my job and nursing... but i should more often.

yesterday there was a patient scheduled for an out patient procedure. this guy was going in for a lap chole (taking the gall bladder out) this is a very simple procedure. this guy was 60something but he did have a pretty risky history. He had a CABG (heart surgery) about 7 years ago and had multiple vascular surgeries.

This guy was supposed to go home, but when his surgery was over and he was extubated (breathing tube taken out) his heart rate dropped to almost nothing! CPR was started right away but only went on for about a half hour before they pronounced him.

I dont work in the OR, i am a recovery room nurse. I never met this patient or family, but heard about it because he was supposed to come to recovery and go home.

my heart goes out to his family. i cant imagine how they felt leaving the hospital without him and knowing that they would never see him again. this guy  had way more complicated risky surgeries before and this simple outpatient procedure was the one to take him out. I didnt find out why he coded and died, but our guess was a PE (blood clot in lung) or something.

I also felt bad for the care providers involved. even though im sure it wasn't anyones fault, we as humans and care providers cant help but feel that way. Codes rarely occur in the OR, so i know this was tough for all involved. the worst part of all, after this case was finished and he had been taken to the morgue, everyone had to move on to the next patient :(

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Very touching....