Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its Our Anniversary!

We were married 2 years ago on this day at Cocoa Beach Fl. It was a very eventful day, lol . It rained of course, infact stormed right after our ceremony while we were taking pictures. my hair was a mess, but i didnt care. I had originally gotten in done the day before we left for florida. it was in a pressed updo style with spiral curls. what was i thinking. i walked around disney the day before the wedding in rollers lol. the night before the wedding, while giving Ava a bath, i accidently turned on the shower and my hair was done! I didnt panick, i just blow-dried it and then pressed it again and did my best at an updo. it was ok, but of course it got ruined during our wedding. lol good times. enjoy the slide show :)

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