Sunday, December 12, 2010

Uggs and Laptop bag!

A couple days ago we went the mall because i decided it was time i give ugg boots a try. SInce uggs became popular i had been avoiding jumping on the band wagon. But then I started thinking....... I spend about $100 at least on boots each year and while they are comfortable and cute they are never warm. So i bought uggs, for the warmth and hopefully comfort :) I couldn't get the traditional pair because I am sick f seeing them instead I bought the retro cargo pair (i think thats what its called) it has a strap and side pocket lol with blue and purple stitching. I wore them yesterday and I wasnt all that impressed as far as comfort goes, it felt like i was walking on a hard board :( they were warm though, it was about 40degrees and my feet were hot! I guess i will be keeping my ugg boots, im sure i will grow to like them, right now I am not in love with them. i kinda think my legs are too skinny for them lol.


My other purchase was my marc jacobs laptop bag. I wasnt shopping for one, but we stopped in the apple store and it was just too cute and the only one left! I grabbed it up, and when i got home i went online to see if i could get a better deal. Wouldn't you know, i couldn't find it online. Jarred (hubby) said i wouldn't lol. anyways the reviews on it isnt great, about half the reviews said that the strap ripped off after only a few days :( i hope that wont happen to me. Maybe those reviewing had heavy laptops My laptop is less than 5 lbs

here are links to my purchases. i got my boots from the walking company and bag from the apple store.

my ugg boots

my laptop bag

lastly, I am still in love with this macjournal app :)

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