Monday, September 5, 2011

Had to steal this

One of my little brothers is just starting his career as a trucker. He has been on the road for almost a month and seems to love every bit of it. I am SOOOOOOO proud of him! He made the decision to go to school when he was only 18. He couldnt get a trucking job until after turning 21 but those years werent in vain. He maintained a steady working history and kept a clean drivers license. He shocked us all when he left town for work, he told us only after he was in Indiana! He had warned us before that he would leave town for a job but we didnt believe him. The thing about my family is , we hardly travel, we all live with in 20 mintutes of each other and sadly up until a few years ago none of us have ever left the state!

I am so proud of all my siblings! They are truly wonderful people. We can thank my mother for that. "we were raised up right" lol. 

Anyways, back to the picture. My bother posted this on facebook, while he was in Idaho. The funniset thing about this pic is that he said "im in Idaho picking up potatoes... damn potatoes really come from Idaho" lol. Gotta love that crazy boy!

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