Saturday, September 3, 2011

I can't cut his hair!

My son that is, he will be 2 in November and has some seriously crazy hair. For starters it's an orange brownish color, this is strange because neither me or the husband have this hair color. My son also has a natural mohawk that has just grown wild into an afro mohawk. His hair looks great when freshly washed and coated with conditioner or oil. It gets really matted after a day or so of styling, and looks a mess like no one cares lol. I love his hair, it's part of who he is. I think it gives/ adds so much character to him. I couldn't imagine him without his hair.

I am not seriously gonna cut his hair, but it definitely needs a trim. I could braid it but he hates to have his hair even combed, styling daily with water isn't gonna work once it gets cold and that also irritates him.

Although I desperately need to trim his hair, I feel really bad about it. I can't believe I am "one of those moms" who can't let go of their sons hair. I'm not, or at least I hope I'm not gonna be one of those moms who has an 8 yr old boy with braids. Nothing against them, but I just don't like braids n boys. Beside my sons hair is cool and his color, curls, and style is just so unique. Ok enough rambling, here's a few pics of my boy and his hair!


Alexandra said...

Aww, his little frohawk is CUTE! LOL beautiful children!!

thetiffany said...

Thanks Alex!

Shanita said... just talked yourself out of cutting his hair. Something must be done about this before kindergarten. You know this, right? We knew you weren't gonna do it. That's okay. You've made progress by deciding to trim. I think his hair is cute (and funny) but I'm really looking forward to seeing it shorter. You can always grow it back if you don't like it.

thetiffany said...

Yes I grabbed the scissors to try n cut it this morning and I just can't, lol