Sunday, September 18, 2011

social networking clean up

I have a problem..... a large amount of my day is spent on Facebook, YouTube, blogs and now even tumblr and Twitter. Smh how did this happen? I am almost like a stalker I don't know most of the people I follow, I hardly even comment. I really need to "get a life" lol. This hobby of mine is starting to get out of control! But I can't stop I've learned so much from all my virtual friends, I definitely need to limit my social networks though. Esp, tumblr n Twitter... I don't post but I follow lol. I love tumblr for hairstyle inspiration though.....what's a girl to do?
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Shanita said...

LMBO... I don't even know what tumblr is. I can't figure out how to use Twitter and I am a recovering FB Stalker myself. So I understand

Jenell said...

I have the exact same