Monday, March 19, 2012

"baby I'm gone be ya motivation"

The weather has been beautiful!!!!! I have seriously spent hours outside almost everyday that I am off. Between gardening, neighborhood walks, and allow my kids backyard time we have been in heaven. I found my "metal" from doing the mud run last year and it is part of my motivation to get back to running. I really want to do a Disney 5k next year and a few other races in between. Most of all, I just want to enjoy be mobile outside without a vehicle. Lol there is so much peace an relaxation just going for a walk. It is a huge stress reliever for me.
I am not doing the couch25k program this time around. I really just want to go at my own pace.

I discovered the app "mapmyrun" and this has also served as inspiration. I love tracking my progress. Last year I mainly ran at the track near my house but so far this year, I'm doing neighborhood streets. I feel like a hamster at the track lol. The neighborhood is better for me because I'm big on scenery! I have been enjoying looking at people's gardens and landscaping on my adventures. I've also discovered 2 little parks near me.

Anyways my only goal so far is to walk at least 30 minutes/ day for the next couple weeks. After I've done that I will probably move on to jogging.

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