Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Loc update :)

My hair lately.... Its been awhile since I did a hair update. My locs are 9 months old!!! I cant believe it. As you all know, i am lazy when it comes to styling lol. I got a "wild hair up my a$$" a few weeks ago and decided to do loc knots. That was exhausting! It took forever but the results were worth it.

The loc knots lasted for about 2-3 weeks and I ended up enjoying the style more than I thought I would.

Besides loc knots, I also did my signature braid out when I re-twisted my roots last week.

Lastly, today I wanted to try the straight hair look like "curlynugrowth" and "afronique" of youtube have done with their locs. The style defintely has potential, but me being myself couldn't let it set long enough. i took the rollers out after about an 1hr lol. I could see the potential though

Other, than that my hair has been chilling. I don't do much with it, in fact I don't even recall my everyday style lol

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