Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diastasis recti

Early during my pregnancy with my son, I was told I have a small hernia. I was told that it was most likely from my pregnancy with my daughter when my muscles were just stretched to far. I was also told that there was exercise to reduce/repair it, but I couldn't do them until after I delivered.Fast forward to almost 3 years later, I never followed up. I dont really have pain, I mainly have a lot of GI discomfort like nausea, heartburn, and tons of gas. I can sometimes see my stomach take an odd shape and I assume it's gas. I don't feel a bulge ever and I never had any pain. There was one evening a few months ago, where I woke up with gas pains so bad that I couldn't lay down, sit still or even think. I could hardly breathe, I was close to going to the ER, but I took some gas-x and the pain eventually got better and by the next day it was gone. A weeks after that episode, I started having mild chest pain and pain when swallowing. I was convinced I had a hiatal hernia. I had an endoscopy in September 2011 but I can't remember if I had the symptoms before or after. Either way, my endo was normal. Ok now here we are, I have this ugly pouch that is my stomach. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight. I'm literally about 102lbs. But I at times look 3 months pregnant because of this " hernia". I also can get very bloated which makes my stomach so distended that I seriously look 5 months pregnant. I can't lie, it makes me a little insecure at times. I started yoga the other night, concentrating on back and abds, I noticed some of the poses made my little pouch come to life seriously. It's so ugly. My stomach got all wrinkled and literally a pouch forms when i pose..I want a normal stomach, not only for aesthetics, but I am tired of all the annoying gas, nausea,etc. at the same time, I don't want surgery. I figure as along as I don't have actual pain or dysfunction of my bowels/bladder, I dont think it warrants surgery. It's been 3 years just about that I have had this and I haven't had any real problems. I want explore exercises that may help me.


I did a search last week and determined that i most likely have diastisi recti. It's when your stomach muscles separate and cause a small hernia. For some, it warrants surgery. I would probably qualify for surgery, but I really don't want to expose myself to the risk of surgery without first trying exercise. I also learned that traditional abdominal exercises can worsen this hernia. I think I will be fine doing any type of exercise because again, I have had is for 3 years and haven't had any problems. I literally have no stomach muscle. It's just mush and it feels vulnerable and disgusting.


Anyways, I'm not 100% sure of what I will do to "fix" this, but I we Ted to share a youtuber I found who had the same problem And actually had surgery



And finally some pics of my stomach


I know, it probably doesn't look that bad to you all. But trust me in person it's evident. Especially if I am distended. I really hope exercises will help me.



LaNeshe said...

I hope the exercises work well for you!

Denise said...

hi! I have the same issue... i spent 4 months last year winter working on mine with the tupler technique and splint... loved it ... but i didnt keep uo the excercises and am back to the pouch again :(