Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yoga and Instagram

Earlier today, a yogi blogger at referencing the "competitive nature" that is becoming of some yogi instagramers. In a nut shell, Candace blogged about the concern for yoga becoming competitive and losing its true meaning. I read her blog early this morning, and here at 1030pm its still on my mind! Im not sure if its because I feel guilty or if its my true love for yoga awakening.

I decided I would like to take a Yoga Teacher Training class. Not so much to teach, although I would like to one day. But I want to take the course to learn so much more about yoga than I ever could through youtube, twitter, and instagram. Yoga has done so much for me these past few months and I just want to learn as much about it as possible.

Gosh darn, off the topic lol. Anyways, since reading Candace's post, I have decided to shy away from these yoga challenges. My intentions aren't good, to be honest I am participating "because I can" i love the ego trip you get when you upload a cool pose and receive a ton of likes. Im embarrassed to say this, but its the truth. THis is not what yoga is about however, like Candace says. Instead I am going to continue my practice and upload at my leisure. I really want to be develop a "strict" yoga practice. I really want to know the basics. Instagram has been hindering me from getting where I need to be with yoga in a way. Tis all for now :)

For some seriously annoying reason,I can't get links to work! Please google search "yogabycandace" Sorrrrrryyyyy..........

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LaNeshe said...

It's great that you can be in tune to yourself to be able to realize ur intentions were off.