Thursday, December 20, 2012

Working on those goals :)

I may have mentioned before that my most recent life/career goals include taking a yoga instructor course and obtaining certification as a holistic nurse.

Last week I contacted a yoga studio near my house. I had search tons of programs near my home and even up to an hour away. The problem was scheduling, every program meets Friday-Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to work 2 Fridays every month so that wasn't going to work for me. When I thought all was lost, I came across Tulaa Yoga Studio. This studio is 30 minutes from my house and meets every Thursday and every 3rd weekend. It will take 8 months to complete. I spoke with the studio owner who was kind enough to offer support and advice while I prepare for class next year :) I also learned that Tulaa's training program will include some theories and teachings from the Himalayan Institue

Finally, I discovered The Birchtree Center . I even spoke to the owner/operator. This center center provides training for nursing seeking holistic education/certification and more. The next training session isn't until spring and fall 2013. I also spoke to an instructor at my old nursing school, she is a graduate of the Birchtree Center and highly recommends the program. I love how everything is falling into place. I really hope and pray that things will continue to work itself out:) I don't know yet what I will do with this new education/certification, but it's on my heart so I must pursue it. Who knows where it may lead me!

Can you say EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

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