Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm sure you have heard about the terrible tragedy.a school shooting at an elementary school, in a kindergarten class room! I believe 27 people where killed 28 including the gun who killed himself and his mother. Ava wanted to stay home yesterday because she want feeling well. I agreed, when I heard about the shootings I just looked at her and cried. I was so thankful she was ok and at home even though her school was ok. My prayers and thoughts are stuck on those families, I had a hard time falling asleep just thinkin how they must be feeling. I held my son for almost and hour with tears in my eyes while he slept. If only we could hold our babies in our arms forever. It really breaks my heart knowing that we have to send our children out in this world. How am I suppose to explain toy daughter thy she's safe at school? Thank god she doesn't know what happened and I debating whether or not I should tell her. I don't want her to hear about it elsewhere, and be confused and scared. We must pray!!! We must have faith that God is always in control and does not make mistakes. We must have faith that those 27 people don't die in vain!

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