Saturday, January 26, 2013


I feel much better today than yesterday~ I wasn't as bloated this morning even after i ate. I had grapes for breakfast and coffee. I not sure how much grapes I ate, I just ate until I felt content. Then I had the coffee.

For lunch I was gonna have chinese. I ate it last night and didn't any problems. I instead decided to eat banana wraps instead. I had 2 large bananas wrapped in lettuce with cinnamon

I surprisingly felt content after eating that, so I am gonna avoid cooked food unless I get hungry. I plan on eating the chinese food :) So far 80/10/10 isn't too bad. I have been making small changes. Mainly I will eat fruit first and then if Im still hungry I will eat something else. Im not really measuring yet, but as I go further with this I will to ensure I ma getting enough.

Here are some pics of my belly. This first pic was taken a few days after eating girl scout thin mints. It took almost a week for my stomach to feel better.

Next pic is this morning, a week later exactly. It looks and feels much better, although it does probably show well in the pic.

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