Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gluten free update

Really more like decreasing my gluten intake. I have notice over the past month or so that my bloating is so much better. I have been avoiding gluten as much as I can. I haven't bought lunch at work in over a month :) I find that I can tolerate maybe 1 serving of gluten in a meal a day without having pain or too much bloating.

In addition to limiting gluten, I have also starting drinking lemon water in the morning and having green smithies. Now I can't afford to replace a meal with a smoothie but I just encorporate them into my diet. While my stomach is much better as far as looks an feeling, I had I have a list a few Pounds. I notice the other day my jeans and even tights were looser? I was a little annoyed by this because I'm only barely 100lbs. I guess I will have to really work on introducing more healthy sustainable options and. Not focus so much on eliminating stuff.

Here's to another week! I'm headed to the market :)

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I tied corn pasta last week and it was great! The taste wasn't bad an everyone ate it.

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