Friday, January 25, 2013


I know I really shouldn't be, but I am so tired of obsessing over my belly and food. I'm still getting bloated no matter what I eat. Somedays I just give in and eat something that I know is gonna make things worse, but I just get so mad that I'm not seeing results. Research says that it can take months for the damage from gluten to go away. I can't understand why my stomach is pretty much flat in the morning and then blows up even when I eat stuff without gluten? Is it because when I eat those proteins still in my stomach get activated but the peristaltic activity or is there something else wrong? I sometimes think its not just the gluten but also the fact that my abdominal muscles are still almost nonexistent

As frustrating as this is, I refuse to give up. I look at everyday as a start over. Especially because my stomach is flat in the morning :) lol everyday I am getting better at eating more fruits and vegetables. Sometimes one or two meals of the day for me are fruits and veggies. I mention this because I purchased the 80/10/10 book. I am trying to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

Here's to another day:)

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