Friday, June 27, 2008

more stress and sadness

so after jarred and i decided on a beach wedding is Florida, we were so excited. everyone was happy for us, except his mom who says "its not fair for those who want to be there and cant" she feels we should change our plans to accommodate everyone else. my initial reaction was "its our wedding and its about us". this is one of the main reasons i didnt want an at home wedding. i dont want peoples opinions and input, i want a stress free or at least minimal stress and i dont want to do a whole bunch of planning. i also dont want to put things off for too long because my hopes are up and its has been 8years!

another added stesser is airfare, we thought the tickets would be reasonable. they are not! its almost $900 for just me and jarred! we were planning on paying for my mom and khalil because its only a couple hundred dollars more, but we cant if airfare is going to be so expensive. rates for fling in october are only 64!!!! so we are now thinking about moving the date up to october. this would mean that i will have to try to get my vacation switched at work. jarred called his mom this morning to tell her we might be moving things up and of course she has the same reaction. i am seriously thinking of telling everyone the wedding is off, keeping of booked dates in novemember and goign with just the three of us. including all these ppl is becoming costly and expensive..

the other option is to have a small at home wedding. which i would consider but i had my heart set on the disney all in one. lol when i think about it, it would be nice to have more people be there and not feel bad for those that cant make it. but if i have an at home ceremony i am still aiming for the beach and depending on which beach, it may be 2-3hrs away. i am still going to here someone complaining!

i guess this all comes with the territory of planning a wedding! i am going to investigate havigna wedding close to home but on the beach. hopefully i will find something comparable. if not then we will just be going to florida in Nov just the 3 of us

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