Monday, June 16, 2008

stress and sadness

i am feeling not so good about the wedding now. it seems jarred isnt into planning. he doesnt want to book the hotel and schedule things now. we only have about 4 or 5 months till novemeber. what is sad is, i think he wants to go to disney in november but i think he is having second thoughts about the wedding. afterall, i never got a real proposal, i basically made he buy and ring abd propose. i just new i would get an official proposal or something after having ava but, no such luck. he did come up with the idea to get married in disney, but after all theses years you'd think he'd be rushing me to marry. its not like that. sometimes i think hes only with me because he knows no other way.

he also has his mind set now on buying a scooter because it will save so much in gas. i dont agree because i dont think a scooter is safe to be riding on the highway. he thinks i am just being mean.

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