Saturday, June 14, 2008

yeah its been a while

but, my life was a rollercoaster the past few months~

to start off I am finished school and have beena nurse for 5 months now. i am working in the PACU just like i dreamed (lol) i like my job, its a lot of stress and hard work but after a few months and almost being off orientation, i am starting to like it.

ava is 14 months now, she just started walking a couple weeks ago. she is starting to imitate little words.

now, even better news! jarred and i have decided on a wedding date and location. we will be getting married Novemeber 2008 in disney world. i am really excited but really nervous that it may not happen. it is going to be expensive, but its perfect for us and its just cool. i always said that i do not want a big wedding and i dont want to have to do too much planning. disney is perfect, the package we will be doing includes the wedding location, limo, flowers, photography, cake and champagne reception, and.... a violinst ( lol). so far i am recrutitng my mom, hopefully sister with neice and nephew. jarred says he told his mom, but i am not sure if he did yet. his dad and sisters go to disney often so i am almost sure they will be there. i really hope things go as planned because i was never excited about a wedding until we decided to do it disney style.

ok, i think i need to run because miss ava is having a good time playing with dvds.

peace out

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