Sunday, January 16, 2011

now onto part two of my challenge

I am still in my twist that were originally put jb around Christmas. So far, I have washed once and retwisted just about my entire hair feels ok, but I'm thinking I may need to take them out and wash then retwisted. I have been reading so many reviews on shea moisture thats making me want to pull mine out and give it another try. The other part of me however, wants to stick to my guns.... I'm torn lol anyways, I have really been thinking hard about cutting all of my heat damaged ends off. It would make my hair drastically uneven but I am so sick of strings ends. At the sane time I'm confused because when I wash ny hair All of it curls! Once its twisted and then stretched some of my ends just get none straight. They are also pretty thin. Once again I am torn.(sigh) literally lol. I don't know what to do, its been over six months and I see hardly any improvement. I have been trimming the damage off slowly but I just want to be done with it already........

Ok enough babbling, ny hair in this pic is just pulled back and up using bobby pins and a goody clip and headland. It's a simple look but inspires by kimmaytubes recent video. I am such a fan of simple hair :)
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